• In Latin IV-V, we complete the AP Latin syllabus - half in Latin IV and the other half in Latin V. 

    The AP Syllabus has required readings from authentic Latin poetry - "The Aeneid" by Vergil - and prose - "De Bello Gallico - The Gallic Wars" by Julius Caesar. 

    "The Aeneid" is composed in dactyllic hexamter and tells the story of the founding of Rome after the fall of Troy in the Trojan War. It is a propagandic piece that gives valuable insights into the ways Romans viewed themselves and their history. Students will learn to scan dactyllic hexameter while reading "The Aeneid"

    "De Bello Gallico" is composed in traditional Latin prose. These passages were written by Julius Caesar on his campaigns in Gall during the years 58-51 BC. These commentaries give valuable insight into Roman military battle and strategy including both successes and hardships. 

    The Thematic Focal Points of the AP readings are: 

    1. Literary Style and Genre

    2. Roman Values

    3. War and Empire

    4. Leadership

    5. Views of Non-Romans

    6. History and Memory

    7. Human Beings and the Gods 

    As part of completing the required readings and thematic units, we analyze the text for vocabulary use, grammar, and literary devices with discussions and practice in an AP workbook with sections such as Multiple choice, Short Answer, Translation, and Essay (written in English about the Latin). 

    Along with the required readings of Vergil and Caesar, we also read excerpts from other Roman prose and poetry authors to help with overall Latin comprehension and for the sight-reading portion of the AP Latin exam. 

    Reading authentic Latin can be difficult, se we always utilize various websites for tiered readings of each passage to build up knowledge of plot, vocabulary, and grammar!! See the links below for those websites. 

    Completing the AP Latin Course does require attention and determination, but it is worth it to see how beautiful the Latin language is and to learn about the Romans from the Romans themselves!!


Vergil's Aeneid
Caesar's De Bello Gallico
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