• James Clemens High School Creative Writing Club Constitution

    Article I – Name, Purpose & Authority

    The name of the organization will be the Creative Writing Club of James Clemens High School

    This organization will have as its purpose facilitating an environment in which students write, create, publish, and compete in the art of creative writing as directly approved by the student council and indirectly by the school principal and the governing board of the Madison City Schools.

    Article II – Membership

    All students enrolled in James Clemens High School are eligible for membership. 

    All students who are members of the Creative Writing Club will work toward an end goal of their creation. This may be a writing contest, group project, etc. Students will have opportunities to compete in contests, showcase their work in the JCHS literary magazine, and possibly publish their original works.

    Article III – Meetings

    Meetings will be held every Wednesday during Refuel unless a special meeting is called.

    Article IV – Club Officers

    The club officers shall consist of the following:


     Vice President



    Article V – Duties

    The club president will have the following duties:

     To preside over meetings of the club

     To call special meetings of the club

     To plan and prepare an agenda for the club meetings

    The club vice-president will have the following duties:

     To serve as the club president if the president becomes unable to fulfill his/her duties either temporarily or permanently

     To support the club president

    The club treasurer will have the following duties:

     To maintain a complete and accurate record of all club receipts and disbursements

     To oversee club fundraising efforts

     To supervise the preparation of the club budget

    The club secretary will have the following duties:

     To maintain accurate minutes of each club meeting

     To carry out all correspondence for the club

     To publicize all club activities and fundraisers through the school bulletin, the school news, and other


    Article VI – Elections

    The club will hold the election of officers once a year. The voting will take place by secret ballot.

    Article VII – Amendments

     A two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance is required to amend this club constitution.


  • Our first meeting will be in A220 on September 7, 2022. We will discuss how the club operates, the constitution, membership, and officer elections. The meeting starts at 11:50!

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