• In this course, we use Books 1 and 2 of the Cambridge Latin series to build novice and intermediate knowledge of Latin vocabulary and grammar as we learn about the Romans. 

    In book 1, we will meet a family who lives in Pompeii, and we will learn about the everyday lives of ancient Romans. 

    Some Daily Life and Cultural Information Covered in Latin I: 

    1. Roman family members and household

    2. Roman entertainment - the theater, gladiatorial fights, and the bathhouse

    3. Roman politics in a small town

    4. Roman beliefs about life after death

    5. The Destruction of Pompeii

    6. We usually also cover some beginning information about Roman mythology including roles and stories involving the gods and goddesses which help us understand ancient beliefs and practices.

    7. Usually when Latin I is held in the Fall, we take a field trip to the Parthenon in Nashville, TN to learn about how ancient beliefs and practices still affect us today. 

    When we move into book 2 towards the end of the semester, we will begin to see what life was like in one of the many Roman provinces in the ancient world - Britannia. 

    Some resources we will use in this class are: the physical and online version of the Cambridge Latin Courses, Quizlet, Schoology, PearDeck, and EdPuzzle, and others as we move forward virtually and/or in person. 

    Supplemental resources may be used for external reading passages to practice vocabulary, reading practice, and Roman mythology.

Unit 1
Unit 2
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