Welcome Class of 2024

    Please check this page frequently as it will update as soon as information is received.


    Senior Day – April 26, 2024

    • Senior Fee (information below) must be paid to participate
    • 8:30am - Senior Breakfast
    • 9:30am - Depart for Dave and Buster's 
    • 10:30am-1:00pm - Lunch and Games at Dave and Buster's
    • 1:30pm - Return to James Clemens
    • 1:45pm -  Mandatory Senior Meeting
      • Caps and Gowns will be distributed at the Senior Meeting 
      • Seniors may leave for the day once the meeting is over and they have picked up their Cap and Gown.
    • Senior Day Fee - $100

    • Due - April 12, 2024 

    • Senior Day fees are still being collected---This is an OPTIONAL activity. Seniors do not have to participate if they do not want to.
      • The fee covers the following items:

        • Senior breakfast

        • Senior lunch

        • Senior t-shirt

        • Senior activities at Dave and Buster’s.  

      • You will not be able to participate unless you pay before the due date (April 12).

      • Senior Day Fees may be paid through the online fee payment service OR you may write a check and turn it in to Mrs. Hyche.
    • Turn in permission form, if you plan on attending Senior Day at Dave and Buster’s, to Ms. Mason D220 or Mr. Perkins D120.  
    • Hard copies will be available in the main office.
    • Forms and Payment are Due on Friday, April 12th to Ms. Mason in D220, Mr. Perkins in D120 or at the front desk.
    • CLICK HERE for a printable version to download, print, fill out and return to JCHS. 
    • The form MUST be returned. You may email a scan or picture of the completed form, but I will not accept an email stating a student has permission to attend
    • ALL students MUST ride the bus to Dave and Buster’s and back to JCHS. Students will NOT be allowed to drive themselves, ride with another student, or ride with a parent or guardian.
    • Lunch will be provided at Dave and Buster's.

    • Senior Day Options
      Click on the link above to select a breakfast item for Senior Day and t-shirt size.
      Senior Day Options

    Cap and Gown

    • Students or parents/guardians are responsible for ordering their own Cap and Gown.  
    • Caps and Gowns are purchased through Balfour. Please CLICK HERE to access the Balfour SENIOR FLYER to order and pay for graduation items, including announcements, cap and gown, senior supplies, etc! 
    • Due Date for Cap and Gown payment - ASAP
    • Students will receive their Cap and Gown at the Mandatory Senior Meeting on Senior Day, April 26, 2024.

    Graduation Announcements

    • Graduation announcements are ordered individually and not through the school.
    • Formal invitations can be ordered through Balfour along with other items using the following link: James Clemens Page
    • Picture card announcements, yard signs, etc., can be purchased through Greg Machen Photography. You can contact them at 256-461-0827.

    Graduation Program- Post-Secondary Plans:

    Please verify the spelling of your name and your plans for after graduation.  This will be printed in the program for graduation. The form will be open through the end of April.  Changes in plans made after May 1, 2024 will not be printed in the program.



    Scholarship Offers:

    Please enter ALL scholarship offers, even if you are not accepting the scholarship.  This form is open until May 1, 2024.  Any offers received after that date should be emailed to Mrs. Meskunas (llmeskunas@madisoncity.k12.al.us) in the guidance office.


    Senior Stroll

    Please use this link to register to participate in the MCS Senior Stroll at your elementary school.  This is an optional event.  Students who wish to participate should register no later than APRIL 30th.  Any questions should be directed to the elementary schools. 



    Time (arrival)

    Meeting Location


    May 17


    Lunch Room


    May 16


    Front office


    May 16


    Front Office


    May 16


    Front Office

    Mill Creek

    May 17


    Front Office


    May 17


    Front Office

    West Madison/Midtown

    May 17


    Front Office at Midtown Elementary


    Graduation Ceremony

    • Date - Monday, May 20, 2024
    • Venue - Von Braun Center Arena
    • Time - 2:00 pm 
    • Doors open at 1:00 pm for guests. ALL guests must present a graduation ticket to attend the ceremony.
    • A list of "Prohibited Items" can be found HERE . Please familiarize yourself with this list of items and the policies listed on the VBC's web page BEFORE attending graduation.
    • Handicap Seating - We cannot reserve seating. Handicap seating is First Come, First Served. The doors will open for all JCHS guests at 1:00 pm.
    • There will be a MANDATORY PRACTICE for ALL Graduating Seniors at 8:00 am - VBC Arena (you do not need your cap & gown for this)
      • Please plan to attend and be on time!
      • If you are not at practice, we will assume you are not participating in the ceremony, and we will remove your name from the graduation list for the ceremony.
      • Seniors will report to the EAST HALL at 12:30 pm for line up.
      • Graduation LiveStream link for those who would like to watch from other locations will be posted closer to the ceremony date.

    Graduation Dress Code:

    • No sneakers, boots, jeans, flip flops, or gum. 

    • Ladies

      • Dresses- Any color; do not have to be longer than your gown. 

      • Pants - Should be dark if worn, no denim

      • Shoes - No sneakers - please make sure you can actually walk in the shoes you wear. (Practice, Practice, Practice)

    • Gentlemen 

      • Shirt- Button up and tie of some sort (regular, bow tie)

      • Slacks - Should be dark; no denim please. 

      • Shoes - No sneakers

    • Only cords earned through a JCHS Honor Society will be allowed.

    • Students may not wear personalized stoles. 



    Graduation Tickets

    • Each Senior will receive 10 tickets for his/her guests. ALL guests must show a ticket at the door to enter the JCHS Graduation Ceremony.
    • Tickets will be given to Seniors in their Advisory class.  (Distribution date will be April 29th. If you are an early grad, or you are absent on April 29th, you will need to pick up your tickets on or after April 30th. We will NOT distribute them earlier than April 29th.)  All Seniors will count their tickets in front of their advisory teacher or office personnel, and then sign off on the receipt of the proper amount of tickets.

    Senior Awards Night

    Senior Awards Night will be held May 14th in the JCHS Auditorium. This program recognizes students who have received a merit-based or athletic scholarship from the college they will be attending.  Amounts are not announced.  If a student has been awarded a local scholarship and would like to be recognized, they must have the organization contact Mrs. Meskunas to be put in the program. llmeskunas@madisoncity.k12.al.us  (256) 216-5313.  Due May 1, 2024


    Madison City Seal of Distinction Cords

    • To earn the MCS Seal of Distinction, students must meet ALL the following requirements:
      • Taken and passed 3 AP courses 
      • Taken and passed 2 Foreign Language classes in sequence
      • Taken and passed Algebra II with Trig.
    • Cords can be purchased from the fee payment office

    4.0 White Tassels

    • Students graduating with a 4.0 or above GPA will receive a white tassel to wear at graduation.
    • These will be distributed at graduation practice on the morning of May 20th. 

    Senior Exemptions

    Seniors can be exempt from finals through the Work Keys assessment they took in October or based on their junior ACT they took at JCHS on April 11th, 2023. For the Work Keys - they can exempt 1 final if they benchmark on the assessment - earning a silver, gold or platinum certificate. For the ACT, they either have to score a 30 or higher on the April 11th test, OR their April 11th score must increase at least 2 points from their most recent previous score.

    Senior Exams

    May 15th- 3rd/4th blocks 
    May 16th- 1st/2nd blocks, seniors may leave at the conclusion of the 2nd block exam.

    Senior Yard Signs

    • Senior Yard Signs may be purchased from the following:
      • JCHS PTSA - Click HERE
      • Greg Machen Photography - Click HERE
        • You should have received an email with a code from Greg Machen to order. You can call them at 256-461-0827 if you have questions or did not receive your code.
  • Seniors! Please CLICK HERE to access the Balfour SENIOR FLYER to order and pay for graduation items, including announcements, cap/gown, senior supplies, etc!


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