Membership applications will need to be emailed to Mrs Vess or Mrs Bergquist and are due by end of school day September 10, 2021. They can be found in the links on this site.  No application will be accepted after this date.  Please do NOT bring any membership dues (cash or check) to school until you have received word that your application for membership has been accepted by the National office.  The process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. 

    The National Beta Club is an academic club that promotes the ideals of achievement, character, leadership, and service.  Senior Beta Club consist of and is open to any student in grades 9-12 who meet the criteria set forth by the National Beta Club and local chapter constitutions. To be eligible for membership in the JCHS Senior Beta Club, a student must have and maintain an overall B average (3.0 or higher) and be a member in good standing in the school community and community as a whole.  There is a one time membership fee of $50 upon acceptance into the club. Each member is required to complete 30 individual hours of volunteer service work within the school and/or community for the academic calendar year.  Membership applications are available for new members every fall at the start of school year in August during the club expo. Deadline to turn in applications is early fall each year.  Click on forms or files at the bottom of this page to complete a membership application. After the deadlline, membership is closed until the next school year.  Please be on the look out for membership announcements and due dates at the start of the school year.