•  Madison City's School System partners with three of our local colleges to provide students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.  Students may choose to dual enroll in classes with the University in Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), Calhoun Community College, Drake State, Alabama Early College, or Auburn First.  To learn more information about this process, please contact your guidance counselor for more information.

    • When do I need to speak to my counselor about dual enrollment?

      Your counselors are available anytime to speak with you about the process.  We will be holding a dual enrollment meeting on Tuesday, April 21st during Refuel for students. Representatives from our partner colleges will be in attendance to answer questions.  Please feel free to come see your counselor if you have any questions. Paperwork will be available at this meeting and, following the meeting in the guidance office available through your counselor. 

    • What are the criteria for dual enrollment?

      GPA Requirements:  Calhoun 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, UAH 2.9 on a 4.0 scale,  UA Early College 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, Auburn First 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and Drake State is a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.  ACT, SAT, or Placement test scores must be met in order to determine you as eligible.  For most, the ACT must have a minimum score between 18-20.  Check each individual partner for clarification of what the cutoff score is and if an ACT score is needed.

    • How do I indicate that I want to participate in dual enrollment on my JCHS registration packet?

      As far as JCHS registration is concerned, you simply need to indicate which semesters and blocks that you want to participate in dual enrollment classes.  For example, Dual Spring 3rd and 4th blocks.   Also, be sure to indicate this on PowerSchool as well when you enter course requests.  Clear out two blocks for at least one in-person dual enrollment course in order to allow time for travel.  If the class is virtual, you can take off 1 or 2 blocks depending.  You cannot take off more than 2 blocks a semester for dual enrollment classes.

      To pick your days/times for classes, college course listings are not available until April for fall courses and October for spring courses.    April 16th during Refuel, we will hold a dual enrollment meeting for students where you can receive paperwork, ask questions, etc.  If you cannot attend the meeting, paperwork can be picked up in the guidance office following the meeting.  All paperwork for fall classes needs to be given to your guidance counselor before we release for summer break.

    • What is the basic process?

      1. Students will need to first apply to the college by visiting their website.  
      2. Pick up paperwork either at the dual enrollment meeting or in the guidance office -- MCS Program Agreement Form and paperwork specific to your college. It is your student's responsibility to retrieve and turn in this paperwork.
      3. Complete the paperwork and submit it to your JCHS counselor.  We will turn these in for you.   We will include your child's transcript, but you must provide a copy of the testing scores applicable.
    • How do I register for a Placement test for Calhoun if I do not have an ACT score?

      Calhoun is the only partnering college that accepts a placement test score.  First, you have to apply to Calhoun online and receive an account number (A#).  This is usually sent 24-48 hours after you apply via email.  When you have this, you can register for the placement test online through their website.    You will need your A# in order to take this test-- this is provided through Calhoun not JCHS.  Also, you only need this test if you do not already have a subscore that qualifies.

      1)  Go to the Calhoun website.

      2)  Search Tab - Placement Test

      3)  Register/Schedule to take a test

      4)  Choose a campus to take the test - Huntsville or Decatur campus.

      5)  In the drop down menu, select the Acuplacer test.  You will take reading or math depending on what course you are trying to sign up to take.  

    • How do I pick my class?

      There is a link on the left hand that will directly connect you to the partnering college's course listings.  This gives time and days classes are offered.  Also, it is always good to speak with both your JC counselor and/or the dual enrollment counselor at the college of your choice.

      (One good question to always ask if the credit will transfer if you change colleges later.  Most colleges will have a transfer equivalency chart posted on their website.)

    • How do I know if I am registered for dual enrollment classes?

      During spring registration, you will register for dual enrollment for your desired blocks to secure a room on your schedule.  In order to be enrolled in classes, it is your job to retrieve and return paperwork required for dual enrollment.  This is available through your guidance counselor.  When we send your paperwork to the partnering college, we copy your student on the email.  All other communication will come directly from the college, such as that for payment. 

    • How do I pay fees for dual enrollment?

      All fee payment is handled directly through the college and not by James Clemens.  The college will email the student enrolled, not the parents.  Hence, students need to check the email they provided the college when registering directly BEFORE the class begins.  Tuition is typically due before the class begins, which is why this is important.  There are payment programs available at the college level that can stretch out payments, but you would need to contact their financial aid department for more information.

    • Are there any scholarships for dual enrollment?

           At Calhoun, there are workforce scholarships available for technical courses-- EMS/EMT, dental assistant, automotive, welding, etc. The guidelines and offering of these scholarships can change from year to year based on funding.  Our guidance counselors have information on these Workforce Scholarships.  For Drake, there are scholarships for their programs such as cosmetology, automotive, etc.  Know that any of these details can be subject to change based on funding, so you may want to contact the dual enrollment coordinator at the college directly for definite, current details.  Any further questions regarding cost and payment plans can be directed to our partnering dual enrollment colleges-- UAH, Calhoun, and Drake State.  Otherwise, all students are responsible for paying for academic classes taken at these colleges through dual enrollment.  

    • How do I get a parking pass and student ID for my dual enrollment?

      You will receive these items through the admission office on your college's campus.