• Welcome to JCHS Science & Research!

    Here, we aim to spread our knowledge and enthusiasm for science research to foster a new generation of inquisitive STEM students. We help students live up to their potential in intensive competitions/events related to research and other academic fields. Our team has experienced competitors and advisors to assist high school students to succeed in their related endeavors. From extensive study assistance to project preparation, JCHS Science and Research members and officers support and work together to benefit our young scientific community.

    This is our website! 


    Our Officers:

    Founder and President: Nikhita Mudium

    Vice President: Yewon Lee

    Vice President of Editing: Haripriya Mantraratnam

    Secretary: Sarah Guo

    Treasurer: Madeline Drucker


    To make payments online for dues or competition fees:


    1) Click on the $ tab towards bottom of the screen  
    2) Choose JCHS Extracurricular Activities  
    3) Look for Research Club  (alphabetic order)
    4) Complete the top portion on yourself
    5) Choose Club Fees ($20) or Competition Fees (amount determined by the specific competition)