• Virtual Learning Expectations: 

    1. Understand that we are all in this together! I am here to guide, teach, support, and challenge you. 
    2. Become familiar with the apps we will be using (Schoology, Quizlet, EdPuzzle, PearDeck, Padlet, online Cambridge resources, etc.) 
    3. Follow a routine to attend class and turn in work in a timely manner so that you may receive adequate feedback and so you do not fall behind. 
    4. Complete lessons and activities in the order they are presented. Lessons are structured to build upon each other, and to understand the plot of most of the stories we read, you will need to have already read previous stories. 
    5. Communicate with me whenever you have questions or concerns! Like I said, we are in this together, and I am here to help you! I care about you and your learning. We will have time for one-on-one and small group learning each week. 
    6. If you are ill, please communicate that with me so that I know to change my expectations of your participation. 
    7. Attend live sessions as often as possible. Recordings of live sessions will be posted to Schoology. It is important to attend the live sessions as much as you can because other classwork for the day may be dependent on what we learned or discussed during the live session. 
    8. When in a live session, be sure to: 
      1. Dress appropriately
      2. Refrain from eating
      3. Mute your microphone unless I ask you to unmute for questions, discussion, and participation
      4. Leave your camera on so that I can see you; pictures or icons should not replace the student's face
      5. Have materials ready (paper, pen/pencil, assignments, etc.)
      6. Be patient
      7. Actively Participate
      8. Refrain from leaving class until dismissed
    9. Expect that during virtual learning, we may be using a variety of apps and resources to learn and complete work. These may include taking videos of yourself to post, working in small collaborative groups, posting on discussion boards, and completing assignments through a number of resources (see #2 above). 
    10. You will maintain academic integrity
      1. You will complete work on your own. 
      2. You will not copy another person’s work or send your work to another classmate. 
      3. You will not look up translations and answers on the internet. 
      4. You will not use translation apps such as Google Translate. 
      5. You will not depend on other people who know Latin to do your work for you.
      6. You will not use notes, your book, or any outside resource when taking quizzes and tests - it must come from your brain only! 
      7. Understand that by breaking any of these expectations, you may lose eligibility or status in the National Latin Honor Society. 
    11. You will maintain personal integrity
      1. Be kind to others whether communicating live or in a discussion. 
      2. Do not use language, gestures, or images that are profane, inappropriate, and/or discriminatory. 
      3. Treat others with dignity.
    12. Disce Pati - Learn to Suffer/Endure. This was our Classics motto at Samford University, and it applies to all of us - teachers, students, and parents. These times are not normal, and learning may be messy and imperfect at times, which is also true in the traditional classroom. Disce Pati - stick with it, try to build character through a tough situation, and please let me know if you are struggling so that I can try to help you!!
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