• What is uniform day? Uniform day is every Wednesday of the week where all the cadets come to school wearing either their ASU (Army Service Uniform) or their OCP uniform (Operational Camouflage Pattern Uniform) for the entire day. The uniform that the cadets will be wearing for the day will be decided and announced to the class on Tuesday. Uniform day also consists of updating the cadet’s uniform with all their ribbons, arc pins, cords, or rank as well as a uniform inspection where the cadets fall into a platoon formation, and the senior cadets and/or our SAI Major Linen will inspect the cadet’s uniforms to make sure the uniforms are up to Army regulation and overall well keep of the uniform.

    What is a P.T. day? First off, P.T. stands for physical training. Our P.T. days are every Tuesday and Thursday during our block. Tuesdays are usually core and cardio, while Thursdays are weightlifting and upper body strength training. From time to time, we include sports or games for our cadets. The cadets will be issued P.T. uniforms and will be required to wear them on said days for a daily grade.

    Does my cadet have to get a haircut? Yes, all cadets will have to get haircuts to keep within Army regulations. Men’s hair has to be neatly groomed, hair cannot extend past the eyebrows and cannot extend past the collar of a shirt, and sideburns cannot extend halfway past the ear lobe. Men’s facial hair is strict. Men are only allowed to have a mustache that is trimmed and doesn’t extend past the corners of the mouth and doesn’t have a chopped-off appearance. Females do not have any specific regulations when it comes to hair. Overall, not when it comes to hair, both males and females cannot get their hair dyed any color that is not natural looking.

    How do I join JROTC? To join JROTC, all you have to do is write in one of your elective course slots, Army JROTC LET 1, if you want to do one semester. If you want to do it for two semesters, all you do is write Army JROTC LET 1 and Army JROTC LET 1B in two of your elective course slots. JROTC LET 1 and JROTC LET 1B are designed for students who are taking JROTC for the first time, while JROTC LET 4 and JROTC LET 4B are designed for seniors who have been in the program since they were freshmen. If you want to come back to JROTC for next year, the only thing that would change is the LET level, so you would be a LET 2 first semester and LET 2B second semester and this continues all the way to LET 4B.

    Do I get P.E. credit while in JROTC? Yes, when a cadet joins JROTC they will receive a credit in P.E. as well as a credit in career preparedness.

    Can I get credentials while in JROTC? Yes, JROTC is filled with opportunity. Cadets are able to receive many awards from JROTC representing their hard work and leadership, as well as having the opportunity to receive a nationally recognized award every year. Cadets are able to get certified to fly a drone if they decide to join the drone team.  JROTC also helps by developing the cadets' leadership and public speaking skills.

    If I join JROTC am I forced to join the military? No, cadets that join JROTC have no obligation to join the military. A number of the cadets within the battalion every year choose not to join the military and JROTC does not force them by any means to join the military. Yes, we do have recruiters from every branch come in and talk about the benefits their branch provides, but again they will not force the cadets to join. 

    If I join JROTC will they help me enlist? Yes, JROTC will help any cadet who decides to enlist in the military after high school. Our SAI and AI will assist to ensure that the cadets who decide to enlist have a smooth time getting everything ready, whether that is going to M.E.P.S. (Military Entrance Processing Station) or going to boot camp.

    Can I get my schedule changed if I join JROTC? Yes, you are able to get your schedule changed if you join JROTC. Through the first few weeks of school starting, students who decide that they do not like JROTC or do not want to take it have the chance to sit down with a school counselor and are able to transfer out of JROTC. 

    Do I have to join as a freshman? No, students are able to join JROTC whenever they want. JROTC has many cadets who joined when they were a sophomore, junior, or senior. 

    Do I have to join the Army if I take Army JROTC? No, if a cadet decides to enlist in the military, they are not forced to join only the Army. Many cadets in JROTC have enlisted or want to enlist in the Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, or Space Force. 

    Can I still do other electives with JROTC? Yes, you definitely can, most people assume that JROTC is very time-consuming, and you can't take any other electives (ex. Band, Sports, Medical academy, NHS, HOSA). In reality, you can take as many as you would like and balance them out to your standards.