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Please stress the following information to your students. If they know of any students that have only AP classes in the fall semester, please ask them to pass this information along to those students as well.

I have just spoken with Vicki, and she provided the following information:

  1. Students should check their email address in their student account. 
  2. Verify it is correct. If the email address needs updating, they should do that now. 
  3. More information will be released towards the end of the month.
  4. They should contact the College Board as well, so they will know they did not receive the email. AP for Students 888-225-5427

Student Access to Exams/Information:

  • Students will receive messages and updates from the College Board to the email address registered in their College Board accounts. It is necessary for this address to be correct for the College Board to deliver the exam to the student.
  • If a student’s email address in his College Board account is incorrect, the student won't get instructions for taking the exam.  The students can verify addresses are correct or update this by logging into AP classroom and clicking on their name.  This will allow them to access their account settings and make the change to a correct email address. If a student verifies a correct email address and still isn’t receiving the emails from the College Board, he/she will need to check the SPAM folder.
  • In Late April the College Board will release information on how to access the testing system.  They will also publish how-to videos.



  • Students can use any device they have access to: Computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Submitting a photo of handwritten work will also be an option.
  • Students who don't have internet access or a computer/device need to fill out the following form ASAP.
  • If students run into technical problems during testing, they can submit an incident report form.  The College Board will review and decide whether to grant access to a make-up test in June.

Send your AP scores to colleges/universities (Deadline June 20 for free):


MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2020 @ 8:42 A.M.

Good morning everyone,

I want to make sure that we keep our students updated on information concerning their AP exams.

I have provided links to the pages below in case students want to go directly to certain items of interest.


The College Board has information on testing for this year, which can be located at the AP Coronavirus Updates webpage. This page includes general information for students, teachers, and AP coordinators.

Once they go to this page, they will be able to scroll and see the link Information for Students. This page includes information about this year's AP exams on benefits of taking AP exams and online review sessions.

Students should also review the AP Exam Schedule 2020 and the AP Exam Schedule Make-up Dates 2020.

Students can find Course-Specific Exam information for review.

Students can also go to Taking the Exam Online to get more information about exam features, timing and expected tasks, and what to expect on exam day and beyond. 

The College Board has also created a FAQ page to assist students with testing. 

If you know of a student that needs mobile tools or connectivity, please contact College Board (en espanol). This request can be completed by the student, teacher, counselor or other.


Additional information will be provided in late April concerning test day.


REFUNDS: If a student has mentioned they will NOT take the AP test and are requesting a refund. This is the message I am sending to them. 

Refunds for AP exams will be issued after June 5, 2020.

This is the last day for students to take an AP exam for the 2019-2020 school year.

Since the AP exams will be sent directly to students, we have to ensure that students do not take the exam before we begin refunds.

I hope you understand this situation.

Thank you.


As I learn more about AP testing for this year, I will pass it along to you.

Thank you,

Hello, All!
This week, there are updates you may want to share widely, including an AP Webinar for Parents tomorrow evening, Thursday, April 16.
In addition to this webinar, many of the districts I have been communicating with have been posting resources to their district or individual high school pages.  If your district or school pages don’t currently have AP information posted or if it is outdated, please feel free to use the links I have provided below to update your resource page for your AP students, parents, coordinators and teachers. 
A comprehensive email is below that contains most of the information I’ve pulled out with the exception of the parent webinar and AP Exam information in relation to student email addresses.  I have called out (in boldface) each of the audiences for the webinars and online resources. 
Free AP Review Sessions for AP students and teachers that occur daily M-F:
Link for AP students that need connectivity or device assistance (Deadline of April 24):