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MCS Employees Called To Lead A Great School Year

Madison City Schools officially launched the school year for employees today, two weeks ahead of the school start for students.
It’s called Institute Day, the annual all-hands meeting of school and district employees where service awards are given, district teacher and staff members of the year are announced, and an address from the superintendent 

Schools Supt. Dr. Ed Nichols charged employees to love their students and remain positive and extra vigilant in communicating with them and their parents. “There’s a lot of pressures that will be applied this year, challenges, learning new things,” he said. “I want us to be the thermostats for this community. I want the community to see the most positive, focused, dedicated, loving, understanding group of educators anywhere.

color guard at attention in front of board members in masks
MCS employees watched virtually as Institute Day program broadcast from the Central Office

Dr. Nichols said one citizen commented to him recently that this will be the worse school year ever. “My answer is we can make this the greatest school year and I believe we will because of the men and women in the Madison City Schools district, that they will take the challenge and step out.”
He invoked the district’s mission statement of Empowering Students for Global Success in saying to do that, students must be resilient, flexible and ready to adapt. “They will learn those skills this year by watching us. They will see our skills, our adaptivity, our flexibility, our readiness for change. They will see our attitude and it will be infectious and show them how to prepare for life.”

Due to COVID-19, this year’s gathering was held virtually. Rather than assemble en masse as they’ve done yearly in an auditorium, employees joined virtually from their individual schools. Dr. Nichols, Board of Education members and administrative staff led the program from the Central Office and broadcast it into the schools.
Board President Tim Holtcamp said employees will be the ones who shape what the 2020-2021 school year becomes regardless of the situation caused by COVID-19.

“More than ever, we need you, your students need you, and their parents need you. My high school senior and my 5th grader need you. We need you to be creative, innovative, agile, flexible and brave. And you are up to the challenge. You are ready to do what you were called to do and that is to educate and love your students,” he said.

At Institute Day, the James Clemens High color guard presented the colors, Bob Jones ambassadors led the Pledge and MCS Personnel Coordinator Dr. Daphne Jah sang the national anthem.

Heritage Elementary reading specialist Kristin Kolenich was named MCS Elementary Teacher of the Year and Bob Jones engineering teacher Jessye Gaines was named MCS Secondary Teacher of the Year. Heritage Elementary CNP worker David Jones was named MCS Staff Member of the Year.

Kristin Kolenich is the Elementary Teacher of the Year. She works at Heritage Elementary and was awarded a $5,000 check

Heritage Elementary reading specialist Kristin Kolenich is MCS District Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Jessye Gaines with Principal Sylvia Lambert with a five thousand dollar check

Bob Jones engineering teacher Jessye Gaines, left, is MCS District Secondary Teacher of the Year.

David Jones is the District Staff Member of the Year holding a five thousand dollar check. He works at Heritage Elementary
David Jones, CNP worker at Heritage Elementary, is District Staff Member of the Year.

Assistant Superintendent Eric Terrell at podium reporting National Board Certified Teachers

 Assistant Supt. Mr. Eric Terrell announcing the latest National Board Certified Teachers in MCS