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PlayVS Esports at JCHS

It is time to start practicing for ESports fall season. Our season will start with PlayVS in September. Our school offers Rocket League (3v3), League of Legends (5v5), Smash Bros (3v3), Splatoon3 (4v4), Madden(PS4only), and MarioKart 8 (4v4). Typically, game days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, depending on your sport.

It is each player's responsibility to practice weekly with their teammates. Practices will be required on game days until the season gets started. Tuesdays - Splatoon2 and League of Legends, Wednesdays - Smash Brothers, Thursdays - MarioKart & Rocket League 

We are still not sure how this season will look.

We have an interest meeting on Wednesday August 9 during Refuel, room B217.


The cost is $150 for 1 season, $200 for 2 seasons.  This fee must be paid by August 31, and DRAGON FLY MAX MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ANY PRACTICING OR PLAYING ON THE TEAM.

Each student also needs to complete all athletic online training and documents through DragonflyMax (click here), this must be done by August 31 as well, or you will be ineligible to play for the fall season. 

For more information, contact Mrs. Paquette via email.