• SWENext is a way for girls to become a part of the SWE engineering and technology community as students through the age of 18.  


    James Clemens' SWE club is a great way for girls in engineering to et connected in industry with our guest speakers.

    Our SWE club holds regular meetings where we complete SWENext Club challenges.



  • SWENext Mission

    • Empower students to prepare for careers in engineering and technology.
    • Provide programming for students to develop leadership skills and self-confidence to succeed in careers in engineering and technology.
    • Expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life.
    • Provide programming to empower students to become advocates for peers and younger girls.
    • Demonstrate the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Provide opportunities to learn and network with peers, role models, and engineering professionals.