• Madison City Schools is excited to partner with Health Establishments at Local School, Inc. (HEALS Inc.) to offer a mobile clinic for students who do not have private medical and/or dental insurance.

    The HEALS Inc. mobile clinic will be located on the campuses of Midtown Elementary, Horizon Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary and Bob Jones High School beginning September 29, 2023 (every Thursday and Friday) by appointment. Your student may be enrolled at any of our Madison City Schools to receive services, not only the ones listed.

    Healthcare services include, but are not limited to: Medical - wellness exams, immunizations, lab work, acute care for illnesses or injuries, and management of chronic illnesses; and Dental  - routine dental cleanings, fluoride application, X-rays, sealants and referrals to specialists.

    Students may be referred for healthcare services by a school nurse, teacher or school staff member. Parents may also request healthcare services for their child by completing the form provided by HEALS, Inc. on our website, calling the clinical coordinator at 256-428-7560 or 256-808-9123, or emailing www.healsinc.org (Students will not be seen without prior permission from a parent/guardian). 

    We look forward to providing our students additional access to healthcare they may need in order to remain in school and receive every educational opportunity available to them.


    Click here to see more about the HEALS mobile information!  

HEAL Inc., Mobile Clinic