• Madison City Schools is keeping up with the latest updates related to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus). We follow ADPH updates and CDC's latest info, and we are in close communication with our local leadership.


    A Note from the Lead School Nurse:


    We are excited to see your child in person! We have missed them.  However, if we want to continue to keep schools open and provide these services for your child, we need your help.

    Please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Monitor your child for signs and symptoms of illness and take his/her temperature, each and every morning, before sending them to school.
    2. If they are sick, please keep them home; even if he/she was sick the night before.
    3. Address any symptoms or concerns with your child’s doctor, before sending you child to school.
    4. Do not give your child fever reducing medication before sending them to school. This only covers up the symptoms, they are still contagious!
    5. In the event that your child becomes sick at school:
    • Please make sure that we can contact you immediately.
    • Plan ahead, have a back-up emergency contact who can pick up your child if you cannot come to pick them up within the hour.
    • Make sure that you have given us emergency contact numbers which are up-to-date.

    In the event that your child is sent home because of COVID like symptoms or for quarantine, please understand that we are following the Alabama Department of Public Health Guidelines for our Protocols and Procedures.

    These guidelines are for the health and safety of us all (children, staff, and you). Failure to follow these guidelines, could cause the school/program to close down.

    Thank you for your help and understanding.


    Bonnie Davis, BSN,RN    Lead Nurse, Madison City Schools



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    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Madison City Schools will be offering the Flu Vaccine to our students again this year. The flu vaccine (shot) is provided by and administered by a local company, Vaccinating Alabama Kids in Schools (VAKS) Because of COVID-19 and our staggered start this year, the dates of the flu vaccine (shot) clinics are staggered as well.  We will send the consent forms for your child to receive the vaccine (shot) out via email to you from each school approximately a week before the scheduled date for the school.  Please look for this email. If you are interested in having your child receive the flu vaccine, you will download the form from the email, print it, complete it entirely, and send it with your child to give to his/her teacher.   The form will also be available to download from the Madison City Schools Website under Health Services along with a master schedule of all the flu clinics for the schools.

    Please remember the following information:

    • Flu vaccines are completely optional, and NO child will receive one without a completed and signed consent form. 
    • IF you do NOT want your child(ren) to receive the flu shot at school, DO NOT SEND A FORM.
    • There are no out-of-pocket costs associated with the vaccine, but your insurance will be billed. 
    • The insurance information must be complete for your child to receive the flu vaccine.
    • If your child does not have insurance, you may indicate this on the consent form and he/she will be eligible to receive the vaccine free of charge.
    • Only flu SHOTs will be given.  Please make sure that your child understands that it is a "SHOT" and prepare them for this; NO SURPRISES!

    Fall 2020 SCHEDULE:

    September 23:  Mill Creek Elem, Heritage Elem 

    September 24:  Madison Elem

    September 25: Pre- K Center at Rainbow, Rainbow Elem, Columbia

    September 30: Horizon

    October 1:  Liberty Middle, West Madison

    *To Be Determined: Discovery Middle, Bob Jones High, James Clemens High




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