The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of students engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Open to students enrolled in or who have completed technology education courses, TSA’s membership includes more than 250,000 middle and high school students across the United States. TSA is supported by educators, parents, and business leaders who believe in the need for a technologically literate society. Members learn through exciting competitive events, leadership opportunities, and much more. A wide range of activities makes TSA a positive experience for every student.


    TSA chapters take the study of STEM beyond the classroom and give students the chance to pursue academic challenges among friends with similar goals and interests. Together, chapter members work on competitive events, attend conferences on the state and national levels, and learn and apply leadership skills. Members may become officers within their state and then run for national office. 

    At Liberty Middle School, our TSA Chapter has two parts: the STEM Club, which runs as a traditional TSA chapter, and the TSA VEX IQ Robotics team that focuses on robotics events.


    Imagine an activity so captivating that your students spend hours working on it for weeks at a time. That is what can happen when TSA members engage in TSA competitions. Only TSA members have the opportunity to compete at exciting state conferences and then at the annual National TSA Conference. Expert judging by technology and engineering educators and industry representatives inspires the best from participants. Members are rewarded not only with medals or trophies, but also with memories of the camaraderie and the challenge of participating in a National TSA Conference. TSA competitions include categories such as Biotechnology Design, Career Prep, Coding, Digital Photography, Dragster Design, Flight, Leadership Strategies, Medical Technology, Prepared Presentation, Software Development, Technology Problem Solving, Video Game Design, Webmaster, and much more.


    TSA Madison Challenge & STEM Fair, February 2023

    TSA students will choose this fall from the following nine (9) events to prepare and compete at the February TSA Madison Challenge event. Some events are individual events and some are in small teams of 2 or 3. Students may choose one or more events. (However, Flight students will only have time for one other event in addition to their Flight event.) Further event descriptions are on the National TSA website. Registration: $5 (and Membership in LMS TSA: $30, collected in the fall)

    We use our club time after school, scheduled class time (if in a STEM or PLTW class), and personal time to complete these projects. We start working on them as soon as we choose our event(s). Deadline to complete project: January 31, 2023


    February 2023 Events to Choose From

    1. Career Prep

    Individual students select a career from one (1) of the following Career Clusters: Architecture & Construction; Health Sciences; Human Services; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security. Students research the chosen career in one of these clusters, prepare a resume, and participate in a mock interview.

    2. Challenging Tech Issues 
    In teams of two (2), students prepare debate style pros and cons on the following topics: Autonomous Vehicles, Biometric Recognition (e.g., facial, temporal, fingerprint, etc.), Cloud Computing, Robotic Technology Surgery, and Wearable Technology (e.g., watches, rings, glasses, etc.). ONE of these topics will be chosen at the event for the team to prepare 15 minutes then debate.
    3. Children's Stories

    Individual students or teams of two (2) create a children's book promoting leadership and perseverance to kindergarten through 2nd grade students. They field test the book, present it to the judges, and answer judges' questions.

    4. Coding                                    

    In teams of two (2), students prepare for coding challenges using Scratch.mit.edupossible challenges A preliminary test occurs before this event. At the event, students work with their teammate to solve the Scratch challenge chosen for them by the judges.
    5. Flight   
    Participants submit a documentation portfolio and fabricate a glider designed to stay in flight for the greatest elapsed time. Semifinalists use their technical drawing skills to construct a glider that is flown onsite.

    6. Inventions & Innovations         

    In teams of three (3), students use the design process to create a device that will make daily life easier. Participants document their work in an interactive display and the creation of a model/prototype. Semifinalists deliver a presentation about their work and participate in an interview.

    7.  Off the Grid          

    Individual students OR teams of 2 OR teams of 3, use the design process to design a home in a forest biome (any country in a forest biome), for a family of 4 with 3 generations living in the home, e.g. mom, dad, kid, grandparent; no access to power grid, house needs a renewable energy source, vegetation gardening system for food production, and solve one (1) problem that is specific to the area. Participants conduct research on a sustainable architectural design for the home in a country not their own. Participants produce a portfolio and create a display and a model. Semifinalists present their design and participate in an interview.
    8. Promotional Marketing   

    Individual students create and submit a marketing portfolio and required elements that address the annual theme/problem. Semifinalists complete a layout and design assignment for evaluation.          

    2023 Theme: College students are attending a college fair.  Your challenge is to create promotional materials used to encourage them to pursue a career in STEM/Technology Education. Your promotional toolkit (required elements) needs to include the following three items. Printable: Design a tri-fold brochure; Wearable: A tote bag that can be used to carry promotional materials; Digital Signage: Short video (1 ½ - 2 minutes) to be shown at the career fair booth.

    9. STEM Animation     

    Teams of two (2) design and create a STEM animation video and documentation/portfolio to address the annual theme/problem. Semifinalists present their animation and explain the elements of their portfolio/entry.
    2023 Theme:  The Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars: Patterns of Apparent Motion
    These events will be explained in detail at the Thursday, September 15 meeting, so please attend if you are interested or discuss your interest with Mrs. Hearrington in Purple Pod, 112.

    TSA State Leadership Conference, Montgomery, Alabama - April 18 & 19, 2023

    Students who perform well in one or more of the events at the February TSA Madison Challenge and/or also wish to participate in other TSA events that are not at the Madison Challenge will have the option to compete at the state leadership event. Registration is $50, other costs include transportation, meals, and lodging for one overnight (and Membership in LMS TSA: $30, collected in the fall).

    TSA National Leadership Conference, Louisville, Kentucky - June 28 - July 2, 2023

    Students who place at State will have the option to compete in the national leadership event. Registration is usually $50, other costs include transportation, meals, and lodging for however many nights parent/student will choose to stay at the national conference. It is possible to go to just the day of the student's event. 

  • When does TSA meet?

    Meetings for each school year begin the first Thursday after Labor Day in September and run through April for state competitions and June for national competitions.

    This year, TSA STEM will also have a Madison competition against TSA students at Discovery Middle School in February 2023. 

    TSA STEM meets Thursday afternoons, 3:30 - 4:15pm with Mrs. Hearrington, then we meet Tuesdays & Thursdays as we get closer to competitions. (Depending on the event, one day a week may suffice for preparation.)

    TSA VEX Robotics meets Tuesday & Thursday afternoons with Mr. Kennedy.


Technology Student Association Logo

  • TSA Events Calendar 22-23

    • September 2022 - Start of STEM Club Meetings, Thursdays

    • October 2022 - Both TSA STEM Club and Robotics Meet Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on projects and practice

    • February 2023 - TSA Madison Challenge & STEM Fair (Liberty MS v. Discovery MS) - Madison (tentatively Thursday, Feb. 16)

    • April 18-19, 2023 - Tuesday, Wednesday, TSA State Leadership Conference (optional) competing against other TSA chapters in AL - Montgomery

    • April 27, 2023 - Thursday, end of year TSA Party, Awards Celebration

    • June 28 - July 2, 2023 - TSA National Conference "A Legacy of Innovation" - Louisville, KY

      (Nationals is only attended if students who place at the state level (in Montgomery) would like to pursue further competition.)

  • LIBERTY TSA EXECUTIVE OFFICERS - Interest Meeting, Thursday, September 8, 2022 (1st Thurs. after Labor Day)

    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,  and Sergeant At Arms

    To be determined for the 2022-2023 year. If you would like to direct the activities of the club or help out in planning and organizing things for TSA, consider serving in an officer role. If interested, please see or email Mrs. Hearrington, Purple Pod 112, jhearrington@madisoncity.k12.al.us.



    Will your name be here?   Join us Thursdays in Purple Pod, 112, from 3:30-4:15pm starting 9/15/22 and prepare to place in a competition!

    Choose your event(s) for the State competition at tsaweb.org.

    If you wish to remain local and only compete in February against Discovery MS, then choose from the nine events posted on the left column under February 2023 Events to Choose From.

    Prior Years

    • V. Hardy - 3rd Place, Digital Photography (MS), 2022
    • A. Naphade - 3rd Place, Essays on Technology (MS), 2022
    • A. Naphade, V. Hardy, T. Parker, & D. Hsu - 3rd Place, Video Game Design (MS), 2022
    • S. Mudium & A. Bellamkomda - State Champions (1st Place), Challenging Technology Issues, 2021
    • H. Irwin - State Champion (1st Place), Prepared Speech, 2021
    • R. Terrell - 2nd Place, Children's Stories, 2021


    • S. Mudium & A. Bellamkomda - 2nd Place, National, Challenging Technology Issues, 2021


  • To Join

    Complete this form and bring a check for annual dues of $30.

    Make check out to LMS for $30.

    Bring the check to the club meeting or put in Mrs. Hearrington's mailbox in the front office.