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    Liberty girl's basketball thrives to build a program that exemplifies positive characteristics as people and as student-athelets. Here at Liberty, our mission is  "Opening the Door to the Future". Liberty's motive is what motivates our players to be successful for the future. Our program's goal is to develop young ladies to work hard with pride and respect. In building our foundation, we will illustrate 4 main values: Character, Dedication, Discipline, and Pride.

    Our underlying principle starts with Character. The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual is what defines character. Our student-athletes represent themselves with respect and dignity for the preparation in life and basketball. The second underlying principle is Dedication. Student-athletes will understand that working hard towards a purpose and achieving goals has an output in defining dedication. Discipline is our third underlying principle. While setting goals, our student-athletes will cross the bridge of discipline in order to reach their accomplishments. Last underlying principle is Pride. As a team, our student-athletes will have confidence and self-respect in displaying their passion for their family, school, and community.

    Our biggest goal for our program is to create future leaders. The values of our program are the bricks on the foundation in creating these future leaders. By establishing respect, hard work, dedication, and commitment, our players will become great student-athlete. However, with our biggest establishment from our values, they will become most of all great leaders for the future.

    Please email Coach Garner with questions regarding LMS Girls Basketball: lhgarner@madisoncity.k12.al.us