• Who We Are:  First Priority is a nationally recognized student-led club that is committed to spreading the gospel on our school campus.  See the First Priority of North Alabama or the First Priority of America website for more information.

    What We Do: In addition to our weekly meetings, we have various community outreach and volunteer projects we participate in throughout the year.  

    When We Meet:  We meet each Thursday morning at 7:30am.  

    Where We Meet:   We meet in the lunchroom.  Students can enter the lunchroom as soon as the doors are open.  No hall pass is required.

    Cost: None 

    Want to get involved?  

    Students - For students, anyone is welcome to join us for our weekly meetings.  If interested in leadership, an application is available under the "files" tab.  The leadership team is selected through this application process.

    Parents- For parents, all parents are welcome to join us for See You at the Pole on September 22.  This will kick-start our First Priority year. Also, food and drink donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Please contact one of our sponsors if interested.  

    See You at the Pole - Once a year, nationally, students gather together in September to pray for our students and school campus.  Students, parents, and people from the community are welcome to join.  We will meet at the flag pole located near the football field on this day.

    Questions?   Email Nivea King (naking@madisoncity.k12.al.us), Jeremiah Brand (jjbrand@madisoncity.k12.al.us), Elizabeth Morton (eamorton@madisoncity.k12.al.us), or Teresa Schmidt (theschmidt@madisoncity.k12.al.us) with any questions that you may have concerning the leadership team.