headphones, colored pencils and scissors

Recommended Supplies

  • Highly Recommended:

    • Personal headphones for in class use in a protective case in your backpack daily
    • water bottle (that can be refilled at the water fountain)
    • collapsible plastic cup (in case you forget your water bottle!)
    • colored pencils (daily)
    • a composition book OR a single-subject notebook that will stay in our classroom
    • regular pencils/pens (daily)
    • scissors (often)
    • Green Architecture students ONLY: a graph paper bound composition book or spiral notebook would be super helpful or just bring graph paper in a 3- prong folder that you can use like a notebook. It is best for the graph paper to be bound like a book so you can see your progression from design to measurement to build, and to be able to refer back to previous sections. You will use THIS notebook in place of the notebook discussed above. You only need one graph paper notebook.