• Who We Are:        Student Ambassadors serve as the face of Liberty to new students, parents, and community members. Student Ambassadors are selected based on character, citizenship, leadership, and academics. 

    What We Do:        We give tours of the school to new students, assist with registration, open house, awards day, and other activities throughout the school year.

    When We Meet:   We meet as needed to prepare for special activities throughout the year, but we do not have set meeting times.

    Where We Meet: Ms. Smith's Room (Room 131)

    Cost: Ambassadors purchase a nametag to wear to special events and when giving tours. The approximate cost is $10.

    Want to get involved?  Current seventh graders are encouraged to apply during the month of April, and selected Student Ambassadors will serve during their eighth grade year.

    Questions? Makenna Smith mrsmith@madisoncity.k12.al.us

     Congradulations to the 2019/2020 Student Ambassadors:

    1. Julia Sloan

    2. William Bagwell

    3. Diya Patel

    4. Victoria Blackwood

    5. Deonna Nichols

    6. Grace Hur

    7. Hannah Bierbauer

    8. Emma Bierbauer

    9. Rand Shikhtholth

    10. Kaitlyn Hockney

    11. Eva Kholod

    12. Madison Lively

    13. Dhyani Patel

    14. Victoria Johnson

    15. Pari Malhotra