• Competitions at Leadership Conferences - Two Levels

    TSA State Leadership Conference, Montgomery, Alabama - April 16 & 17, 2024 (Tuesday, Wednesday)

    Students who wish to prepare for TSA events have the opportunity to participate in local class projects and will have the option to compete their chosen event/projects at the state leadership conference.  The LMS State attendance conference cost is $455. per individual student and includes registration fee, lodging, a conference Tshirt, a pin, awards won, roundtrip chartered bus transportation, 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, and advisor chaperone for one overnight. If more than 10 LMS students attend, we will be able to lower the overall cost of the trip.
    TSA Conference Attire is the official TSA blue dress shirt and gray pants for boys, gray skirt/pants for girls, dark dress shoes, dark socks. For full details, see the TSA dress code website. An exception is that the State conference will allow white dress shirts (but then if you win and want to go to Nationals, you will need the official shirt or they will deduct points off your score.)
    Explore TSA websites (national and state) and refer any questions to TSA advisor, Mrs. Hearrington in Purple Pod, 112, or email her at jhearrington@madisoncity.k12.al.us.
    Technology Student Association Fee Payment Site: for payment of annual dues ($30), initial trip deposit (NR $100), partial payments for trip, full payment, and donations

    TSA National Leadership Conference, Orlando, Florida, June 26-30, 2024

    Students who place at State in April will have the option to compete in the national leadership event in June. It would be a family-led trip for individual students with their families. Registration is usually $50, other costs include transportation, meals, and lodging for however many nights parent and student will choose to stay at the national conference. It is possible to go to the conference for just the day of the student's event. Mrs. Hearrington will assist in coordination with TSA National for families to register, but will not be chaperoning this conference. Individual families will determine their travel arrangements and chaperone their student at the national conference.


TSA Medals