• Pre-AP World History are rigorous courses that incorporate Common Core Literacy Standards and follow the Alabama Social Studies Course of Study.

    Pre-AP students will experience:

    • Independent nightly reading assignments
    • High classroom expectations with discussion, group work, and collaborative activities as modeled after the AP World class.
    • Assessments (writing, discussion, projects) measured using a rigorous rubric as modeled after the AP World class.
    • In-depth understanding of the content at a fast pace throughout the course.
    • Expectation for students to be self-advocates, speaking up, asking questions and working towards a growth mindset. 



    • 1 inch binder
    • 5-subject dividers
    • Loose leaf college ruled paper
    • Pen & pencil
    • Pack of highlighters (multi-colored)
    • Pack of index cards

    *Purchase of PreAP DBQ Workbook for $15. The option to pay online when you pay your fees or send cash/check the first week of school.

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