Picture of trophies
  • Who We Are:

    We are highly skilled math students who enjoy the challenge of pitting our skills against other top math students across the state. 


    What We Do:

    Students use math skills to compete against students from other schools. Traditionally, competitions are held on Saturdays.  Students are expected to attend competitions. 


    When We Meet: 

    All math team members must be enrolled in the math team class for their grade level. This class replaces the Accelerated (honors) math class during the school day.


    Where We Meet: 

    We meet in our sponsor’s classroom each day for class. 



    The total cost for the year is between $150-$200.  Each competition costs between $10 and $20.  Students pay prior to each competition.


    Supplies Needed:

    Students will need a binder, dividers, paper, graph paper, and pencils for class.



    Please email bwilhelm@madisoncity.k12.al.us (6th and 7th grade teams), or  lfschieler@madisoncity.k12.al.us (8th grade team and Geometry/Algebra 2 team).