• There will now be two different art clubs. 

    Due to the number of students who signed up on the backup art members club form and the amount of parent requests for more student admissions into art club, there will now be two art clubs! Group A will have their first art club meeting on September 15 in room 131. Group B will have their first art club meeting on September 22 in room 131. From those dates forward, Group A and Group B will alternate Wednesdays during each month. Please look below for the Art Club Calendar and group members. The group members for Group B were pulled from various parent emails as well as the student backup form. If you would like your child to be a member of art club but still do not see their name on the list, please fill free to email me at mrsmith@madisoncity.k12.al.us so I can find them a spot. It has taken me a while to collect all the names of students who want to be in the club and I probably accidentally left someone out. So please please please reach out and let me know so that I can secure them a place. 

    Thank you so much again for your patience during this time. I know that this year signups for art club have been very stressful on everyone, and more students have been interested than ever before. I am so sorry if the signup forms caused stress or hurt, and I really do want to make it possible for everyone to be able to join the club.

    Each group will have about 35 students in it. Now that I am teaching an art club every single week, I no longer have the ability to schedule meetings around the weeks that I have more time to prepare for art club lessons. Therefore, I highly encourage all art club members to bring their own sketchbooks to help me limit the time I need to prepare materials and paper. Supplies and space may be more limited than last year's art club, but this way everyone can join and just enjoy their time making art together. 

    During the first club meetings, I will give students a sheet with additional information on art club. The pickup time for art club is between 4:05-4:15 in front of the school where carline takes place. 

    Again, thanks so much for all of your kindness and understanding while I figured out the logistics of how art club was going to work this year. If you do not see your student's name on the list, but would like for them to join the club, please let me know.  

    Thanks again and I look forward to another great year of art club! 


    Group A- First Meeting September 15.       

    Gunnar  Anacker 
    Sumehra Shaik
    Woojin (Ellie) Jeon
    Carter Henderson
    isabella carlock
    Lydia Roy
    Sophie Ni
    courtney smith
    Isabella weber
    Chandana Suru
    Laya Gowder
    Sydeny Jett
    imanee lewis
    Anaya Naphade
    Adeline Causey
    Zoe Hagood
    Vivien Bentley
    Gabrielle Nicole Burns
    Bryce Eason
    Jyshaviah Knight
    Victoria Bedard
    bianca knox
    Elizabeth Hofmeister
    Sota Yamamoto
    Disha Patel
    Hiroto Sezaki
    Spandan  Dongre
    Savannah Lackey
    Evelyn Davies
    Harshtha  Chander
    Gabriel Hight
    Everett  Bradford


    Group B- First Meeting September 22

    Julia Holkem
    Avani Narayan
    Emily Benson
    Weston Sipe
    Prakya Velagapudi
    Autumn Elliott
    Lila Workman
    Zofia Pires
    Bela Ayoung-Chee
    Emily Hinten
    Yoochan Hwang
    Kate Miller
    Abbie Holme
    Jakayla Marshall
    Maya Browne
    Jaidyn Marshall
    Luella Fulgham
    Bella Svoboda
    Anna Stewart
    Ora Murphy
    Chloe Kim
    Kayla Samad
    Ishita Rajput
    Ava Boulton
    Phoebe Chambless
    John Wimberley
    Eva Sterling
    Reagan Evans
    Ellie Chan
    Kanjaide Jones
    Brooklyn Charles
    Anna  Stewart


    Art Club Calendar


    Art club is a group of students who love to make art together. 

    Who We Are: A creative group of individuals who seek out opportunities to make art in a fun and friendly environment.

    What We Do: Create art!

    When We Meet: Wednesdays every other week after school until 4:00

    Where We Meet: Ms. Smith's classroom, Room 131 

    Want to get involved? You do not have to be in an art class to get involved. See Ms. Smith for details.

    Questions? Contact Ms. Smith 

    Email: mrsmith@madisoncity.k12.al.us