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PTAs A Key To MCS Success

Madison City Schools thrives largely because of partnerships with its PTAs. Our PTAs are an important liaison between our schools and the community.

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols and Community Development Coordinator Lee Shaw welcomed the Madison City PTA Council in its assembly Aug. 17th kicking off the new school year.

Dr. Ed Nichols addressing a board room full of PTA officers

The Madison City PTA Council officers for the 2023-2024 school year are:

Sarita Edwards
, president.

Toni Apse, vice president.

Stephenie Walker,  secretary.

Stephanie Kokan, treasurer.

circular image of a logo labeled Madison City Council of PTAs

Below is information on PTAs for each school:

If someone is interested in becoming a Mega Member through the Madison City Council of PTAs (it's only $116 to gain membership to all 12 school PTAs), they can sign up at   

Your PTA membership helps Madison City Schools through advocacy for all students, engaging families in student success or school improvements, increasing family engagement and volunteerism, strengthening community partnerships.

Individual school PTA contact information is as follows:
Bob Jones High School PTA: 
James Clemens High School PTA: 
Instagram: @jcptsa
Twitter: @jcptsa
Discovery Middle School PTA: 
Instagram: @DiscoveryMiddlePTA
Twitter: @DMS_PTAmadison
Liberty Middle School PTA: 
Instagram: @LMS_PTA
Twitter: @LMS_PTA

Journey Middle School PTA: 
Columbia Elementary School PTA: 
Instagram: @columbiaelementarypta
Twitter: @columbiaelepta
Heritage Elementary School PTA: 
Horizon Elementary PTA: 
Madison Elementary PTA: 
Midtown Elementary PTA: 
Mill Creek Elementary PTA: 
Rainbow Elementary PTA: 
Instagram: @rainbowelementarypta

Ways to connect  with the Madison City PTA Council.