Have you ever wanted to make a website? Have you ever wondered how websites are built? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore — introducing Patriot Programming! Hi, I’m Drew, and I created Patriot Programming for people just like you. Bob Jones offers an awesome catalog of programming-based classes, but unfortunately, that list doesn’t include web development. My mission is to bring web development to Bob Jones in a fun and interactive way. This semester, we will be focusing on the three web-based programming languages that power the entire internet: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Over the course of the class, we will explore how we can apply these to your very own projects. One of the most exciting projects we will build together this semester is everyone’s favorite word guessing game: Wordle! With our knowledge of these fundamental languages, you will finish Patriot Programming not only having built your own Wordle game, but also the ability to start your own coding projects. In addition to the class, you will also have access to the Patriot Programming YouTube channel where I will be posting the recorded sessions every week as well as a separate concept video for the week! With access to all of these resources, you should be fully equipped to start your journey in web development. 
    If you’re interested in joining, click the join link below!

    Meeting Time: Thursdays starting Sept 15

    Meeting Place: C126