Ambassadors Overview

  • Bob Jones High School AmbassadorsBJHS Ambassadors

    Ambassadors are student representatives of Bob Jones High School and our official hosts or hostesses. This is an HONOR. An Ambassador is someone the faculty and staff of the Madison City Schools and higher academic institutions look upon with respect. Ambassadors must maintain academic excellence and conduct themselves with dignity and integrity at all times.

    Only upcoming Juniors and Seniors qualify. When applications become available in the spring, announcements will be made at school, and the information will be posted on the BJHS website.

Applications are CLOSED for 2024-2025



  • Sponsor: Mrs. Cindy Huskey

    Location: Library Media Center

    Meetings: First Thursday of the month @ 7:30 am



  • If you're interested in applying for an officer position, please complete the application and return it to me by 3:30 pm Friday, March 26th. 


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