Senior Salute ads have been sold out, and we are not accepting ad contracts anymore. Thank you to all who purchased an ad.

    The deadline for Senior Portraits and Senior Quotes has passed, and we are no longer accepting Senior Last Words/Quotes. If you still want to have your senior portrait taken by Greg Machen, you can contact their studio, but your photo will not in the yearbook.  


    What do I need to know about the 2020-2021 Yearbook? 

    For the 2020-2021 school year, Bob Jones WILL have a yearbook. As always, we will be highlighting the school year. Unlike usual, the stories of this year might look a little different. We will focusing on our “new normal” and highlight the stories of individual students and teachers. 

    What if I took some photos of a Bob Jones event or student? 

    We will be asking for parents, students and coaches to help us with coverage this year by sending in photos. We have a special email set up for those who want to send in pictures of Bob Jones students and activities. That email is BobJonesYearbook2021@gmail.com When you send in photos, please name the photo with the event it is covering (i.e. footballpractice.jpeg.) You must ALSO send in the first and last names of everyone in the photo and who took the photo. We cannot use a photo without both of these items. Any other information — game scores, special circumstances, etc. are greatly appreciated. Please send the photos on the highest resolution possible — at least 300 dpi. 

    What about my school picture? When will that occur?  

    The proofs for the school pictures that were taken earlier this fall have been delivered to the school. Unfortunately, due to students not being in the building, we will not be able to distribute those proofs until we return from Winter Break. The deadline for ordering school pictures will be extended until January 16. If parents wanted to order school photos for Christmas, and do not want to wait until the proofs come back in January, you can call Greg Machen Photography and they will give you the code to look at proofs online. Their number is (256) 461-0827. 
    None of the virtual students' proofs are done yet; they will probably be finished in January. The teacher that your student wrote down on his card during the photo shoot will email you a code when the proofs are ready online, and you can look at them that way. 
    If you would like to retake your photo or if you were absent on picture day, we will have a makeup date in January.
    How do I order a yearbook? 

    Finally, if you still need to order a yearbook, please know that we are exclusively using Jostens website for ALL SALES. The Bob Jones school site will NOT be used to order a yearbook. The Jostens site provides an excellent level of secure online ordering, as well as the availability to personalize your student’s yearbook with a name and/or extra curricular icons. In addition, you will receive an email verifying your yearbook sale, in order to reduce the number of “double” yearbook sales. Below is the pricing for the yearbooks. Also, Josten’s has a payment plan available on their website for those who need extra time to pay for the yearbook. 

    Just go to https://www.jostens.com/ to order your yearbook. 

    Price and offer dates:                              

    • Offer 1:                       Jan. 1 – Jan. 29              Price: $75
    • On Distribution Day and after                         Price: $80

    We know it has been a rocky start to your senior year, but the staff at Bob Jones is focused on producing the best yearbook possible. If you have any questions please email Ginger Ashford at ggashford@madisoncity.k12.al.us