• Yearbook Distribution 2020-2021

    The Yearbooks are coming! The Yearbooks are coming! At long last, we will receive our 2020-2021 Bob Jones Yearbooks! Here is the information you need to know to make sure you get your yearbook. 

    All students will have an opportunity to pick up their yearbook on Thursday, May 13. You can check below to see where your group will go for pick up. If you do not pick up your yearbook on Thursday, May 13, you will have another opportunity to do so on Tuesday, May 18 during Block 3 lunches. 

    All students picking up books will need some form of ID (driver’s license, dashboard ID, etc.) and NO ONE can pick up a book for another student unless it is a parent or have been approved before pick up. (i.e. My best friend moved to Florida and I have an email from her that requests that I pick up the book for her). 

    Seniors: Seniors will pick up their yearbooks on Thursday, May 13 after their Block 2 final exam. After Block 2, they will be dismissed to the Auditorium Lobby to pick up their yearbooks. Seniors will need to leave the building once yearbooks are handed out. Please make every effort to pick up your book on this date, even if you do not have a 2nd Block class or are exempt from the final exam.


    Virtual Students: Virtual students can pick up their yearbooks from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 13 in a drive-by event through the school bus loop. Please make every effort to pick up your book on this date; 3rd Block teachers will be understanding if you are late or need to leave early from your virtual class on this date. 


    Grades 9-11 In-person: In person students in grades 9-11 can pick up their yearbooks during 3rd Block lunch on Thursday, May 13 in the cafeteria. Please make every effort to pick up your book on this date; if you miss this date you can pick up your book during lunch on Tuesday, May 18. 


    What if I didn’t order a yearbook in advance? We do have a limited number of yearbooks for sale. Yearbooks will be $80 on distribution day and can be paid for and picked up in the fee’s office in the building. Yearbooks will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis. We will NOT hold a book for you and there is no waiting list available. 


    Questions? Contact the yearbook adviser, Ginger Ashford at