Ms. Micky A Worley

Phone: (256)772-2547


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Education-Special Education (6-12) from Athens State University (2005) Master of Arts in English-Reading Specialist (P-12) from University of Alabama Huntsville (2012) National Board Certified Teacher in AYA English (2019) Honor Societies Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Tau Delta

Ms. Micky A Worley

I graduated from Athens State in December of 2005, and I officially began my teaching career at Monrovia Middle School in January of 2006. I had the opportunity to move to Madison City Schools in August of 2006. (I had worked at Discovery Middle as an aide, while I was completing my degree.) I taught inclusion language arts at Discovery Middle School from August 2006 until May 2010. While I was completing my master's degree in English at UAH, I moved to Bob Jones High School (August 2010). During my time at Bob Jones, I have taught academic strategies, reading skills lab, English 9, English 10, Pre-AP English 9, Freshman Comp, AP 11 Language & Composition, Pre-AP English 10, and Honors English 11. Fall of 2020, I am teaching Pre-AP English 10 and AP Language & Composition. Spring of 2020, I am teaching Pre-AP English 10 and AP Language & Composition.

My husband and I enjoy biking various paths around Huntsville. I recently rediscovered my love of Pilates (during the pandemic).  

I am quirky and retro. I love the movies, TV, and music from my youth (70s/80s). Since movie theaters have been closed, my husband created a "drive-in" movie theater on our screened porch, so I have enjoyed watching movies outside. During the pandemic, I also started watching live bird/animal cams around the world, and I enjoy watching different birds and animals in their natural habitat. 

  • Virtual Meeting Online Etiquette:

    1. Be on time: wake up early and log on a few minutes before class
    2. Be in a quiet place: find a quiet place and check your surroundings
    3. Be prepared: computers is charged, camera is on, and use headphones if you have them
    4. Presentation: wear appropriate clothing, sit up straight, and be in camera view
    5. Mute yourself: mute yourself when your teacher or another student is talking
    6. Participation: be focused, be attentive, and be an active participant
    7. Chat Responsibly: raise your hand to speak and type your question in the chat box 
    8. Communication: speak clearly, look up when speaking, and stay on topic (no side conversations)
    9. Respect: be respectful, be kind, and be considerate
  • Ms. Worley's Schedule 2020-2021

    Fall 2020

    First Block-Planning

    Second Block-Pre-AP English 10

    Third Block-Pre-AP English 10

    Fourth Block-AP Language & Composition

    Spring 2021

    First Block-AP Language & Compostion

    Second Block-Planning

    Third Block-Pre-AP English 10

    Fourth Block-Pre-AP English 10