• The Guidance Counseling Offices are open to students before, after, and during school.

Transcript Requests


    Go to the guidance office and ask for a "transcript request card."

    Complete and sign the card indicating the destination you wish to receive your transcript.  Place the completed card in the box on the wall near the Registrar's Office (Mrs. Cox).  Once the transcripts are mailed, the card will be filed alphabetically in the transcript request file in Guidance.  If there are any additions to be made, pull the same card from the transcript card file, add the college/destination, and place the card in the box on the filing cabinet.  The first two transcripts are mailed free.  Additional mailing incurs a fee of $4.00 each.  The final transcript is free.  Please be sure to indicate where you wish the final transcript to be sent by May of senior year.   

    There is no charge for transcripts mailed electronically for Common Application colleges.  However, if Dr. Bostick is mailing your transcript with a recommendation letter, please list the college on the transcript request card and put her initials after the name of the school (e.g. "K.C.").


    There is a $4.00 fee that must be paid before transcripts are mailed. There are three ways to achieve this. 

    1. Stop by BJHS to pay (A friend or family member can also stop by to pay only.  (Not to pick up-Must have permission from student to pick up.)
    2. Mail a check to BJHS with the following information: (Make checks payable to BJHS and include a telephone number and driver's license state abbreviation and number.)Date of RequestPlease mail payment to:650 Hughes Rd.
    3. Madison, AL  35758
    4. BJHS\Transcripts
    5. Student's Full Name (while a student at BJHS)
      Year of Graduation
      Name and Address of recipient school/company
      Deadline Date (if applicable)
    6. Go to our website:  bjhs.madisoncity.k12.al.us - find a purple box (right side) labeled Pay Here/Online Fees Payments - click there.  Click on "Proceed to Payment Pages".     Click on Bob Jones High School.  Fill out Student/Parent Information - when it asks you for student ID just type 12345.  Then scroll down to Registrar School Fees.  Email me the transaction number -  mcox@madisoncity.k12.al.us.  You will incur an additional $3.50 fee to use this method.