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  • School Counseling Office


    *Text to Protect: 256-604-2345 (All information will be held confidential.)

    *National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (All information will be held confidential.)


    BJHS School Counseling Services

    The Guidance Counseling Offices are open to students before, after, and during school. Patriots, we look forward to working with each of you and wish each of you the best this year! If you need to see us, please feel free to shoot us an email or stop by! 

     Your BJHS School Counselors:

    • Students A-Go: Mr. Timothy Van Dorn ( 
    • Students Gr-O: Ms. Demarius Anderson (
    • Students P-Z:   Mr. Cedric J. Delbridge (
    • College and Career Counselor: Mrs. Stephanie Bostick (
    • School Counseling Administrator: Mrs. Courtney Horton (

    GPA Calculator (Click the Calculator.)

    This GPA Calculator will help you calculate your GPA and provide you with an estimate of what your GPA could potentiall be if you take certain courses at certain weights. Be sure to follow the instructions highligted in yellow.

    Click (here) to be directed to the course registration information page.


    Schedule Changes



    Parents and Students,

    Selecting courses is one of the most important tasks students and parents can do.  Proper course selection allows students to meet graduation requirements, explore possible career interests, prepare for post-secondary education opportunities and engage in activities he/she enjoys doing.  Course selection is vital to the school as well, as our schedule for the next school year is built on the choices our students make now.  Teaching assignments and teacher selection are based on the needs of our schedule. 

    To make all of these different pieces work together, it is imperative that students make the right choices now.  The school’s role in course selection will be to confirm with the student his/her choices, and verify that the courses selected are indeed wanted or needed by the student.  Once this is complete in the spring, schedule changes will be limited. Students will be expected to stay in the courses they choose. 

    Changes will be made based on misplacement, a desire to take a more challenging course or an extreme change in circumstances.  Simply changing one’s mind after the schedule is built, or believing a course is “too hard” are not valid reasons to change classes.  Therefore, we expect students and parents to choose next year’s schedule wisely. The counseling office and administration are here to assist in any way possible.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

     After the deadline to make schedule changes after registration begins, the following are the only reasons to change:

    • You have an "EMPTY" spot in your schedule.
    • You are missing a core class (English, Math, Science, History).
    • You believe you are missing graduation requirements.
    • You’ve already taken that course and passed.
    • You have not met the prerequisites for a course.
    • Athletic PE or Band was left off your schedule

    Some example reasons a schedule change WILL NOT be considered:

    • You'd like a specific teacher.
    • You want to have your classes at specific times.
    • You requested a class, and now you no longer want to take it.
    • You don't like the teacher
    • You want to be in a class with a friend, etc.

    AP & Honors Courses:

    • Once selected, AP and Honors courses cannot be dropped without administrator approval (choose wisely).

    We take a lot of time to develop our master schedule and balance classes to accommodate you based on the selections you make in the spring, so PLEASE choose wisely. Look at the course descriptions and schedule an appointment with your counselor if needed.


    Students, "off blocks" are provided for juniors and seniors who are taking an online class or are participating in a 5th block sport such as soccer, track, or bowling ONLY. In order to receive an off block, you must:

    • be enrolled in an online course or approved sport
    • have transportation because YOU CANNOT remain on campus during that time
    • be on track for graduation


    It is your responsibility to ensure you have received and turned in the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner to your counselor. Paperwork for dual enrollment can be obtained from the counseling office. Please be sure to follow up with your counselor prior to the semester starting if you plan to dual enroll. Remember, after the paperwork has been submitted all other correspondence will come from the college.

    Click the following link to be taken to the dual enrollment information page: DUAL ENROLLMENT INFO

  • Course Change Request Form

    This form is used to request a course change. A change is not guaranteed as this is a request. Please be sure to have all appropriate signtures upon turning it in. If a request CAN be accommodated, the schedule will be updated in PowerSchool. Once a change is made, it will not be reverted.

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