All class fees must be paid in full to receive a parking pass.

    2023-2024 Parking Passes will be available beginning on September 5, 2023 and can be obtained from the Fee Payment Office.  

    1. In order to obtain a parking permit, students must provide the following documentation:

    • Driver's license (no learner's permit)
    • Vehicle insurance card
    • Vehicle registration
    • Proof of payment of all school fees
    • $45.00 parking fee

    2. A current parking permit must be clearly and visibly displayed on the rear view mirror of any vehicle parked on campus. Violations will result in a parking fine. Failure to pay the fine within one week will result in a loss of parking privileges until the fine is paid. No excuses will be accepted for not displaying the parking permit. Students must not give/loan a parking decal to another student.

    3. Students must leave their parked vehicles in the parking area and enter the school immediately after parking. Students may not go into the parking lot during the school day without written permission from an administrator.

    4. All vehicles must park headed into the parking space so that the license plate is clearly visible from the aisle.

    5. Campus speed limit is 5 MPH. Students must obey instructions given by school personnel directing traffic on school grounds. This includes security officers. The student must notify the fee payment office of any changes in vehicle information.

    6. Vehicles are parked at student's risk. Neither Bob Jones High School nor the Madison City Board of Education assumes any liability for damage or loss to vehicles parking on school property.

    7. I understand and agree that my car may be searched by school officials while it is on school grounds or at other school functions per the Madison City Schools Code of Student Conduct booklet.

    8. PARKING IS A PRIVILEGE - NOT A RIGHT. Suspended or revoked privileges will not result in any refund of fees paid.


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