Phone: (256) 772-2547


Degrees and Certifications:

2017 National Board Certified Teacher 2011 University of Alabama Master of Library Information Studies 1999 University of Alabama at Huntsville Master of Arts English and Secondary Education 1993 Huntingdon College Bachelor of Arts - English

Mrs. Cindy Huskey

I'm not just a librarian. I'm a Library Media Specialist (emphasis on the specialist part).

No, I don't just sit around and read books all day (but THAT would be a great job!). My job entails much more than just checking out books to my fellow book nerds. 

I am the webmaster, 
the MediaCAST ninja, 
the technology guru, 
the test prep aficionado, 
the handy-dandy handout architect,
the manager of student library aides, 
the expert Googler, 
the sponsor of various clubs & organizations (x4), 
the resident book connoisseur, and all around
the queen of the library. 

In my realm, I guide unsuspecting children through the processes of becoming informationally literate. Through valiant instruction and perseverance, I accompany students on a journey of discovering and cultivating their inner researcher. My students learn such skills as querying databases using Boolean operators and other search strings, accessing, synthesizing, and correctly citing print and digital resources, creating digital projects and portfolios, critical reading of texts, problem solving, digital ethics, etiquette, and a little copyright law.