• DMS Panther Greenpower Race Team


    The Greenpower Team is excited to take on all challenges this year for the 2021-2022 season. After attending Chambers County Grand Prix on Oct.2 in LaFyette, Al SuperNova finished 1st in the Custom Division and Black Panther finished 3rd in the Modified Division, Go Panthers!

    Teams are preparing for the National Championship Race at Talladega on May 21, 2022. Scheduled Events:

    -April 9, 2022 - Greenpower Splash - Decatur AL (Point Mallard Park)

    -May 7, 2022 - Toyota Classic - Huntsville AL (Whitesburg P8)

    -May 21, 2022- National Championship - Talladega AL

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     We hope to continue to improve the racing team with the support from Northrop Grumman and our volunteer mentors.  Our objective is to advance education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology for young people.

    Greenpower teams participate in engineering challenges in a school setting. The program gives students hands-on learning experience designing and building a single-seat electric-powered race car.

    Greenpower USA


    Students Interested in Greenpower at Discovery Notes:

    Admittance to the DMS Greenpower Race Team is by application only. The final 2022-2023 Team Roster will be posted on March 21, 2022.  Congratulations, please see Final Rosters for teams. Thank you to everyone that applied and for your interest in Greenpower. 

    Application Window for 2022-2023 Team is Closed

    1. Google Form Application  - Due March 9, 2022 - Click 

    2. Two Recommendations from teachers Link:         https://forms.gle/xmh3QuiF82fYXrv78

     3. Linked resume or equivalent document showcasing experience and skills in Google Form Application 


    2022-2023 Roster

    Black Panther 

    Nikita Prabhakar 7 Mechanical /Media
    Abdellaoui, Ghaida 7 Mechanical
    Benson, Susan Marie 7 Mechanical
    Lachie Jones 8 Engineer/Media
    Grace Tsai 7 Electrical
    Adrian Anastasa 7 Electrical/Media
    Delmont Goins 8 Engineer
    Lyla Zomkowski 8 Engineer/ Project Lead
    Isabella Farly 6 Engineer
    Logan Baswell 6 Mechanical
    Bode Grey 7 Engineer
    Jethro Jones 6 Electrical
    Garin Waniger 6 Engineer
    Tomas Romero 7 Mechanical
    Logan Comperda 8 Mechanical
    Lauren Walker 6 Engineer
    Caroline Coones 6 Electrical
    Neil Mehta 8 Mechanical
    Austin Cornett 6 Electrical /Jr. Project Lead




    Nicolas Kessler 8 Mechanical
    Jamie Hines 8 Media/Presentation
    Harper Varcak 6 Engineer
    Ethan Able 7 Engineer
    Kourtney Crabtree 7 Mechanical
    Ben Cox 8 Engineer/Project Lead
    Bryce Benson 8 Engineer
    Jinwoo Jung 7 Electrical /Presentation
    Julia Culver 7 Engineer
    Brooks Van Dam 7 Mechanical
    Henry Showalter 8 Engineer /Media/Presentation
    Henery Zomkowski 6 Engineer
    Edison Yang 8 Electrical
    Lillian Goins 6 Engineer
    Sarah Lockhart 6 Jr. Project Lead/Media
    Barett Barnes 6 Engineer
    Xander Yem 6 Mechanical
    Barett Poole 6 Mechanical
    Thomas Arent 6 Electrical
    Tyce Crosswy 6 Mechanical
    Rayyan Killedar 8 Engineer 


    2021-2022 Roster

    Black Panther                                                                                              SuperNova

    Sydney Turpin- Media, Marketing, and Presentation                                                    Nicolas Kessler- Mechanical

    Drew Staats- Engineer                                                                                                   Jamie Hines- Media/Presentation

    Adrian Anastasa- Electrical/Media                                                                                Brolin Cozzolino- Media/Project Lead

    Ethan Hughes- Engineer                                                                                                 Kourtney Crabtree- Mechanical

    Grace Tsai- Electrical                                                                                                      Ghaissen Abdellaoui- Electrical

    Nathen Chiu- Mechanical                                                                                                 Isaac Lockhart- Electrical

    Pranav Gentela- Mechanical                                                                                           Ben Cox- Engineer/Project Lead

    Delmont Goins- Engineer                                                                                                 Bryce Benson- Engineer

    Lyla Zomkowski- Engineer/Project Lead                                                                        Nathan Gagne- Electrical

    Ryan Fedrick- Utility                                                                                                         Jinwoo Jung- Electrical 

    Konnor Hobbs- Mechanical                                                                                               Julia Culver-  Engineer

    Lachie Jones- Engineer/Media                                                                                         Molly Frachtnict- Engineer 

    Tytus Mcormick- Electrical                                                                                               Brooks Van Dam- Mechanical

    Nikita Prabhakar- Mechanical                                                                                          Henry Showalter- Engineer

    Abdellaoui, Ghaida- Electrical                                                                                                  Rayyan Killedar- Engineer

    Benson, Susan Marie- Mechanical