• DMS Scholar's Bowl
    We make learning fun by competing in academic trivia contests in our region. Our goal is to create teams of scholars that can compete and win at local, regional, and ultimately state tournaments. We are an open-membership team that welcomes anyone who is willing to make a commitment to participate in practices and tournaments. Ongoing team membership is contingent on a willingness to prepare, compete, and actively increase team members' ability to help the team win. Scholars' Bowl members will be expected to expand their knowledge base in three or more "mastery" areas. Team members are expected to go above and beyond what they have learned to date, explore their subject of interest, and master that knowledge for competition. Members are expected to attend practice at least once per week.  Mandatory practices begin in October and will be held on Monday and Thursday after school from 3:30-4:45 in room 407 (7th & 8th grade) or room 301 (6th grade).