• Basketball (Girls)

    The foundation of our basketball program is to develop each player's growth as a person and a basketball player. We will use teaching and coaching as our vehicle to develop our player's total growth. There are 4 key ingredients to build our program's foundation (our pillars of success): Character, Commitment, Discipline and Execution.
    First, we will teach the importance of character and integrity in everything we are involved in. Second, we will instill a strong work ethic and sense of commitment from each student that comes through our program. Third, each student will learn about the importance of discipline through consistent hard work and dedication. Finally, each student will learn the importance of putting everything together through execution and teamwork.
    Our players will be leaders in the community by being respectful, disciplined, displaying a strong work ethic, being unselfish, and being fully committed. By establishing these values in our players, it will build the groundwork for their future success as people and as basketball players.