• Greenpower National Championship

    DMS Panther Greenpower Race Team

    The Greenpower Team is excited about this year's 2023-2024 race season. Last year's National Standings and scheduled 2023-2024 race events are listed below:

    2022 -2023 National Standings

    2022-2023 National Standings

    2023-2024 Race Events

    Trojan 90's - October 28, 2023 -Hazel Green AL - 305 1st place / 304 8th place 

    Choccolocco Green Prix - November 3, 2023 - Oxford AL - 305 4th place / 304 3rd place

    Greenpower F24 Trot - Nov 17, 2023 - Decatur, AL - 305 2nd place / 304 3rd place

    Toyota Classic - April 13, 2024 - Huntsville AL - 

    National Championship - May 4, 2024 - Talladega AL - 

    * Additional races may be added with 2 week notice. The 2023-2024 race Schedule is subject to change. 

    22-23 Greenpower Sponsors

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    We strive to improve our teams' performance and greatly appreciate the support of our Golden Sponsors: Northrop Grumman, Barnes Signs, Lander McLarty,  Huntsville Optimist Club, Madison Street Festival. Special thanks to our volunteer mentors that dedicate their time and resources.  Our objective is to advance education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology for young people.Greenpower teams participate in engineering challenges in a school setting. The program gives students hands-on learning experience designing and building a single-seat electric-powered race car. Learn more about this international program at GreenpowerUSA.

    Greenpower USA DMS


    Students Interested in Greenpower at Discovery Notes:

    Admittance to the DMS Greenpower Race Team is by application only. The application window will open in spring and information will be available for the process.  Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Panther Race Teams. Thank you to everyone that applied and for your interest in Greenpower. 

    Application Window for 2024-2025 Team is Closed

    1. Google Form Application  - Due March 4, 2024 - Click 

    2. Two Recommendations from teachers Link:         https://forms.gle/48c6Y6wdmfNgEid18 

     3. Linked resume or equivalent document showcasing experience and skills in Google Form Application 

    2023-2024 Roster 

    Black Panther 304

    Nikita Prabhakar 8 Lead Mechanical
    Benson, Susan  8 Lead Mechanical /Media
    Will Tennille 6 Engineer
    Grace Tsai 8 Lead Electrical / Project Lead
    Brantley Davis 6 Electrical
    Jack Walker 6 Engineer
    John Willis 6 Electircal
    Isabella Farly 7 Engineer II
    Logan Baswell 7 Mechanical II
    Jakin Long 8 Mechanical
    Teresa Jones 6 Engineer
    Garin Waniger 7 Engineer II
    Shubha Jindal 7 Mechanical
    Logan Comperda 8 Mechanical II
    Austin Cornett 7 Electrical II
    Jonas Grisham 7 Mechanical II
    Maximillian Ott 6 Electrical

    SuperNova 305

    SuperNova Grade Role
    Ghaida Abdellaoui 8 Lead Eletrical
    Ethan Abel 8 Engineer II
    Gabriela Farley 6 Engineer
    Ethan Farmer 6 Mechanical
    Jinwoo Jung 8 Lead Electrical
    Brooks Van Dam 8 Lead Mechanical
    Parker Shurtz 6 Engineer
    Noah Hsu 7 Mechanical
    Paul Allison 6 Mechanical
    Lillian Goins 7 Engineer II
    Sarah Lockhart 7 Project Lead/Media
    Barett Barnes 7 Engineer II
    Thomas Arent 7 Electrical II
    Daniel Rivera 7 Electrical
    Joseph Holt 8 Engineer
    Wesley English 6 Engineer
    2024-2025 Roster 
    Black Panther 304
    Will Tennille 7 Engineer II
    Brantley Davis 7 Electrical II
    Jack Walker 7 Engineer II
    John (Buzz) Willis 7 Electircal II
    Isabella Farly 8 Engineer Lead / Project Lead
    Logan Baswell 8 Mechanical Lead
    Teresa Jones 7 Engineer II
    Garin Waniger 8 Engineer Lead
    Austin Cornett 8 Electrical Lead
    Jonas Grisham 8 Mechanical Lead
    Maximillian Ott 7 Electrical II
    Jonathan Isaac 7 Engineer
    Anna Tsai 7 Mechanical / Project Lead Jr.
    Alister Parker 7 Engineer
    Ethan Chandler 6 Mechanical
    Easton Adam 6 Electrical
    Sam Doude 6 Mechanical
    Gunner Brown 6 Electrical
    Floris Van der Laan 6 Engineer
    SuperNova 305
    Gabriela Farley 7 Engineer II /Project Lead Jr.
    Parker Shurtz 7 Engineer II
    Noah Hsu 8 Mechanical II
    Paul Allison 7 Mechanical II
    Sarah Lockhart 8 Project Lead/ Electrical Lead
    Barett Barnes 8 Engineer Lead
    Thomas Arent 8 Electrical Lead
    Wesley English 7 Engineer II
    Jenny Jung 6 Electrical
    Rebecca Gange 6 Electrical
    Everett Wagner 6 Engineer
    Mikel Luevano 6 Mechanical
    Diego Manzano 6 Mechanical
    Landon Hambrick 7 Mechanical
    Jack Sanders 7 Electrical
    Isebel Tsai 7 Mechanical
    Everett Ragland 6 Engineer
    Carter Bae 6 Engineer
    Connor Koshofer 6 Engineer