• The Competition Cheer team cheers at DMS football games and also attends Regional, State and National competitions.

    Being a part of this cheer team has many rewards. Valuable experience including teamwork, determination, encouragement by peers, development of friendships, increased self-confidence, learning to set individual long-term and short-term goals, cultivating tumbling/stunting skills, and improving physical conditioning can be benefits to being on the squad .

    Competitive cheerleading is a very time-consuming activity and requires a tremendous amount of time outside of school hours. 

    Congratulations to the 2019- 2020 Football/Competition Cheerleading Team

    • Ellen Barrier
    • Marli Bean
    • Ava Cramer
    • Macy Croteau
    • Ari DeDeaux
    • Valentina Folgmann
    • Emma Kutche
    • Su Le
    • Elissa Mitchell
    • Tristen Moulton
    • Alyssa Nance
    • Kahri Odum
    • Laila Parsley
    • Riley Beth Rowe
    • Paris Seagrave
    • Savannah Smith
    • Lexianna Winnegan