• Counseling

    Counselors are available to provide individual and small group counseling to students in the following areas:

    • Academic
    • Social/Emotional
    • Family Issues
    • Decision Making
    • Anger
    • Grief and Loss
    • Changing Families
    •  Friendships
    • Anxiety
    • Study Habits
    • Organization
    • High School 4-year planning


    Counselors are available to facilitate transition to DMS via:

    • Meeting with elementary counselors and teachers of 5th graders
    • Assisting in determining academic levels of each student
    • Hosting student orientation/parent meeting/Open House

    Counselors are available to facilitate transition of BJHS via:

    • Meeting with high school counselors
    • Assisting in determining academic levels for placement
    • Organizing student orientation program
    • Assisting 8th graders and parents with 4-year plan

    Additional services available:

    • Provide new student orientation
    • Facilitate parent-student-teacher conferences
    • Facilitate 504 eligibility meetings
    • Facilitate P2T meetings
    • Coordinate ACT ASPIRE Testing
    • Assist with schedule planning and registration 


    Counselors are available to consult with parents regarding:

    • Academic concerns
    • Family relationships
    • Peer relationships
    • Behavior management
    • Community referrals

    Counselors are available to consult with teachers both individually and at department/grade level meetings in order to:

    • Proactively address concerns about students with academic, social, and behavioral issues
    • Identify “at-risk” students
    • Develop and implement intervention plans
    • Act as an advocate on behalf of the students