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BOE Honored

Tonight’s Madison City Board of Education meeting included a presentation honoring board members and brief update on graduation and prom talks.

January is Board of Education appreciation month.

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols included on the agenda a presentation from the Madison City Council of PTAs along with a brief video of students and principals thanking board members for all that they do.
Here is the video link:

Video on big screen in board room with BOE members watching

Nichols noted that board members serve without compensation. “But you do it because you love our school district. You love our community and you want to make a difference. I am honored along with our staff to work with you.”

P.J. Batchelor with the Madison City Council of PTAs and MCS Community Development Coordinator Lee Shaw presented board members with a lantern and framed print of a tree sporting fingerprints as leaves.

The lantern is symbolic of how the board “lights the path” to the success of the school districts. The tree is symbolic of how the board’s leadership helps students grow to success.

Dr. Nichols spoke briefly about ongoing talks about graduation, prom and other school events returning in some fashion under COVID protocols.
Assistant Superintendent Eric Terrell has been in discussions over whether graduation can return to the VBC and conducted safety.
Dr. Nichols, noting a discussion he recently had with the state health officer, also promised to update the board on when teachers and staffs can expect COVID vaccinations. Early to mid-February had been discussed earlier.
Also on tonight's board agenda was the temporary hiring of a data systems manager to ease the instructional technology demands of the Virtual Academy.

Lantern being presented to board member

board members holding framed pictures of the tree

Lee Shaw at podium announcing thank you gifts to the board