About the Course

  • World History course is the study of humans in the past from prehistoric man to 1500 C.E. with emphasis on political, economic, and social development of civilizations. We will examine people, places, events, and causes and effects that have helped develop the modern world.

  • Supplies

    • 5 Subject Spiral Notebook
    • Pen & Pencil
    • Pack of Colored Pencils
    • Pack of Highligters (multi-colored)
    • Pack of Post-its
    • Pack of Index Cards


    • Come to class on time, prepared with all material, & in your seat actively working.
    • Take notes from readings, lectures, and class discussions.
    • Participate actively in class discussions and activities.
    • Respect yourself, each other, teacher, and our classroom.
    • Follow all procedures/ policies as outlined in LMS & Madison City Handbook.
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