• Digital Communications

    DigiCom is a unique elective that allows students to show their creativity and grow their media talent while featuring exciting events in Journey’s school culture. Students are selected for this elective based on an application, audition, and teacher recommendations. 

    Being selected as a member of the news team is a privilege, and each student plays an integral role in the program. Every student is part of the DigiCom puzzle. Students must work independently and cooperatively to create media that will meet the high standards we have set for each JMS News Media production. DigiCom students work to create, anchor, report, and edit news broadcasts and special projects. DigiCom meets a full block each day and is a year-long elective. While the class meets once daily, news happens all the time. For this reason, students may need to obtain footage, edit, or perform other duties before or after school. Each student is responsible for making the arrangements to accomplish those tasks. 

    As a news team, we are producing media that reflects us as individuals, our school, and our school system. Because we want JMS News Media to be a positive reflection of us all, each news team member will take pride in the work he or she does while also upholding the quality expectations we will set as a team. 


    If you have any questions about this course, feel free to email Ms. James (ldjames@madisoncity.k12.al.us).