About the Course

  • Both Regular World History and PreAP World History are rigorous courses that incorporate Common Core Literacy Standards and follow the Alabama Social Studies Course of Study. The following criteria offer insight into the difference between the courses.

    PreAP students will experience:

    • Independent nightly reading assignments
    • High classroom expectations with discussion, group work, and collaborative activities as modeled after the AP World class.
    • Assessments (writing, discussion, projects) measured using a rigorous rubric as modeled after the AP World class.
    • In-depth understanding of the content at a fast pace throughout the course.
    • Expectation for students to be self-advocates, speaking up, asking questions and working towards a growth mindset. 

  • Supplies

    • 1.5 Binder
    • 5-subject dividers
    • Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper
    • Pen & Pencil
    • Pack of Highligters (multi-colored)
    • Pack of Post-its
    • Pack of Index Cards

    *Purchase of DBQ Workbook $17.00. Option to pay online or send a cash/check first week of school.


    • Come to class on time, prepared with all material, & in your seat actively working.
    • Take notes from readings, lectures, and class discussions.
    • Participate actively in class discussions and activities.
    • Respect yourself, each other, teacher, and our classroom.
    • Follow all procedures/ policies as outlined in LMS & Madison City Handbook.
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