• Math Team

    What is Math Team?

    Math Team is a competition team class. We use advanced math skills to compete against students from other schools. Students show their mathematical skills by competing in rigorous contests with other students locally and around the state.
    What We Do:

    Students learn problem solving strategies and engage in higher level mathematics and use math skills to compete against students from other schools. Traditionally, competitions are held on Saturdays. Students are expected to attend competitions.
    When We Meet:

    All math team members must be enrolled in the math team class for their grade level. This class replaces the honors math class during the school day.
    Where We Meet:

    We meet in our Math Team teacher's classroom each day for class.

    Students will pay for each competition that they attend. Costs per competition generally range from $10 - $20. The cost for the year is between $150-$200. Students pay prior to each competition. 

    What does a traditional day at competition look like?

    Each competition generally has two parts - a written test and ciphering. The written test is 25 multiple-choice problems with three additional short answer problems that will be used as tiebreakers. Students are awarded four points for each correct answer, but lose one point for each incorrect answer. All students that attend the competition will take the written test. During ciphering, students have to answer questions as quickly as possible. Parents are not allowed in the testing room during the written part of the competition. Ciphering varies by competition, but generally only four students from each school/grade level cipher. The quicker the student answers the question, the more points his/her team receives. For virtual competitions, all students cipher. Only coaches are allowed to challenge answers at competitions.

    Can I compete at a competition that the team is not attending?

    Students may only compete in competitions that the school attends. Parents may not register students for other competitions. Only coaches can register students for a competition.


    Please email mjoshi@madisoncity.k12.al.us