• DragonFly Instructions

      All athletes who play sports for Journey Middle (Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball Cheer, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer) must set up an account on www.dragonflymax.com.


      The athlete should enter the code A84BAG to request to join JMS. All existing account users' information will be transferred. If you are new to DragonFly, athletes should select their sport(s). The athlete, along with parents’ help, should complete ALL the required information listed below. Please review DragonFly Max Detailed Instructions.  

      Note: Dragonfly accounts must be set up in the STUDENT’s name, not the parents. One account per student, please. This can be done on a computer or by downloading the Dragonfly App. The App is black with a red logo similar to a hurricane symbol.

      These documents can be completed and uploaded online:

      • General Information - Name, Address, Parent Contact 
      • Medical and Insurance Information & Questionnaire 
      • Participation Form 
      • Concussion Form 
      • Physical Evaluation                     

      The following documents MUST be uploaded:

      *Physical (BACK page with Doctor's signature) VERY IMPORTANT - It must be a “revised 2018” copy & have the following:

      1.  The student's name is at the top.
      2.  “Cleared” circled or “Cleared after completing an evaluation” with follow-up exam paperwork attached. 
      3.  The date of the exam.
      4.  Stamp or Name & Address of clinic or physician. 
      5.  Physician’s signature.
      6.  M.D. or D.O. circled. AHSAA does not accept a Nurse Practitioner’s final signature. If you use an NP, it must be signed by the cooperating MD or DO. Please check the physical before you put it on Dragonfly. If either of these items is missing or not visible, the physical will be rejected. (Must not be expired. Physicals are good for one year plus the remainder of the month in which they were completed. Example: May 2, 2023 expires May 31, 2024).

      *Birth Certificate - Returning JMS athletes, one-time upload. 

      *Sportsmanship Certificate - Returning JMS athletes, one-time upload. First-time JMS athletes, you’ll find the required Sportsmanship test on the JMS website > Athletics > JMS Athletics>NFHS Sportsmanship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

      Note: The student’s first and last name must be on the Sportsmanship Certificate - if the student neglects to put their full name in the slot labeled “Certificate Name”, they will need to retake the entire exam because there is no option to edit afterward.

      The Dragonfly app allows you to click on the needed document, snap the picture and upload it directly to Dragonfly. If you choose not to utilize the app, you will need to scan and save each document to your computer and then upload it to Dragonfly.

      **For athletes who play for James Clemens & Bob Jones HS(Swimming, Cross Country, Wrestling, Bowling, Track, Tennis, and Golf), complete the same process, but use the Bob Jones High School code X8A4UL or James Clemens High School code B2ZDQU.

      Questions? Contact Gerald Franks at gwfranks@madisoncity.k12.al.us