• If you are interested in auditioning/applying for Advanced Art, Advanced Chorus, Advanced Theatre, Digital Communications, Greenpower, Science Olympiad, or Yearbook, please join the 2024-2025 Course Applications & Auditions Course Registration Schoology Page. The Schoology Course Access Code is 6T7X-RCNP-W4H3D. Join the course through your Schoology account (you must use your MCS Chromebook or login credentials to access Schoology) and locate the folder within the course for the elective you are interested in auditioning/applying for. Each folder includes all the information for the process as well as contact information for each course teacher/sponsor.


    Don't wait to check out the information on the Schoology course page, since each course will have different due dates and processes to be completed over the next month. If you have additional questions, reach out to the individual course teacher. Good luck!