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New School Year Has Begun

Madison City Schools welcomed back students for the 2023-2024 school year.

Buses rolled, drivers crept through dropoff zones and walkers strolled in for a new year of learning.

There were a few of the typical glitches with things like class schedules and lunch account adjustments but otherwise a great day.

It's going to be a fantastic 2023-2024 school year for Madison City Schools.


Principal greeting students in hallway at Mill Creek Elementary
 classroom of kids

board vice president Travis Cummings with Midtown Elementary admins in front of school

BOE VP Travis Cummings with Midtown Elementary admins 

student entering classroom

senior class at Bob Jones High School in auditorium

bus unloading kids at school

car line unloading kids

Board member Tommy Overcash

Board member Scott Newberry and SRO directing student

Board member Scott Newberry and SRO guiding family to teacher

Board member Tim Holtcamp dressed as traffic cone beside principal  at Liberty Middle

Board member Tim Holtcamp hamming it up as a traffic cone by LMS Principal Shannon Brown

Columbia Elementary welcome sign

greeter outside Madison Elementary

students walking through  a hall of bubbles in the air

lone student walking in quiet  hallway

PreK family

four faculty members smiling at Madison Elementary

Rainbow faculty members (four ladies) smiling in hallway

lineup of kids in hallway

kindergarten teacher in quiet moment at desk before school start

SRO directing student at James Clemens

parent walking in kid to school

students walking in main hallway at Midtown Elementary

teachers in  matching shirts outside school

principal and teacher at Journey Middle posing before mural

students filling corridors at Journey Middle

Principal fist bumping and SRO at James Clemens High School in hall

First Day 2023 sign in front of school

two girl students with backpacks in front of Midtown Elementary

Teacher in front of class pointing at student to answer

students eating in cafe in the new Journey Middle School in Madison, Ala.