• Open House Information

      Our Open House is Monday, July 30th at 4:00 pm. We will begin with Kindergarten 101 in the cafeteria. Please bring your school supplies with you to Open House. 

      School Supply List for Kindergarten:

      1 pack 8 count classic color crayons (skinny)

      1 pack 16 count classic color crayons (skinny)

      2 packs 24 count classic color crayons (skinny)

      6 large glue sticks

      24 #2 pre-sharpened pencils

      1 supply box (about 6x9x2)

      2 solid colored heavy duty plastic folders with pockets & prongs - 1 blue & 1 green

      1 one-inch three-ring binder with plastic sleeve on front

      1 Primary composition notebook (3-lined paper with blank space at top)

      1 8-pack watercolor set (please only 8, not 16)

      1 pair of scissors (blunt tip)

      1 pack of Post-it Notes

      1 pair of headphones in a labeled plastic bag – No ear buds

      1 cloth rest mat – No sleeping bags, exercise mats or beach towels

      1 backpack large enough to hold the folders and binder

      Please consider donating: soft tissues and any size Ziploc bags

      First Week of School -

      Madison City Schools implements an A/B schedule for Kindergarten students during the first week of school. On Thursday, August 1st, only the girl students will come to school. On Friday, August 2nd, only the boy students will come to school. On Monday, August 7th, all Kindergarten students will attend together.

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