• Welcome to the Columbia Elementary Drama Club!  

     The Lion King Jr.


    CES Drama Club is an extracurricular activity led by parent volunteers and school staff.  Leading us into our tenth production for the 2019-2020 school year are parent Directors Hannah Taylor & Stephanie Thompson. Parent volunteer Katie Chatam will serve as Producer, and Heather Bui, a CES teacher, will be Teacher Sponsor and school contact for Drama Club.  Drama Club takes a village to run and we are always looking for volunteers!


    2019-2020 PRODUCTION

    Our production for our 2019-2020 school year will be Disney’s “The Lion King, Jr.” performed on the Bob Jones stage. 

    Our show dates are to be determined but are generally at the end of January/early February.



    Cast auditions are open to all CES 2nd through 5th Grade Students who come prepared with a monologue and song.  Auditions are AFTER SCHOOL and last until 5pm (can run a few minutes late).

    In order for your child to audition, you must pick an available audition date and sign up for ONE SPOT (if you have more than one student, it’s a slot PER student) through the Sign-Up Genius at the following link**: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0C4CADA92BAB9-lion

    **note- sign up link will not be open until the first day of school**


    Frequently Asked Questions about CAST

    1. What does my child need to bring for his/her CAST audition? 

    They must come prepared to their audition with a song & monologue (see questions 2).  To come prepared means the student has memorized their song and monologue selection. 

    They must also come with their audition packet filled out. You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cc356adPIPiV-0ifXhB0wv9tvRn3H7sQ/view?usp=sharing

    2. What is a song & monologue and where do I get them?

    The song is a one-minute singing audition, chosen from a list provided by CES Drama Club. This year’s song selections are as follows and can be downloaded on to your devices for convivence:  


    A monologue is a one minute speaking part. Students need to not only memorize the lines of their monologue, but they should be able to use appropriate expressions and tones throughout. For example, if the character in the monologue is excited about their new balloon, we should be able to see that in their performance of their monologue. 

    This year, we are providing several monologues for students to choose from. Only monologues from the approved list can be used. You can find the monologues here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PtmOWQp7tvYe_De8_AorNVaLFMAWIdnM/view?usp=sharing

    3. What does it cost to do Drama Club?

    To be in cast the fee is $55. This provides each member of cast a script and helps pay for the licensing of the show kit Drama Club has to purchase in order to put on Lion King, Jr.  

    This year, we are making costumes a little easier for our cast! There will be a costume fee of $30 and this will provide the any part of a character’s costume Drama Club will be making. For example, if your student is a giraffe the fee covers the making of their head piece and front legs.  In addition, Drama Club will provide the paint for any character that requires face painting. The costume fee DOES NOT include any under garments, shoes, stage make-up and base layers a costume might require.

    There are a couple opportunities for fundraisers that help with the overall cost to put on Lion King, Jr- such as renting drops, getting shirts made, renting mics, etc. All Drama Club students are expected to help with fundraising, this includes buying/selling buttons and key chains, buying/selling program ad space, and buying/selling tickets to the Pancake Breakfast.

    4. What is the time commitment for CAST?

    We require ALL cast to be available for practice/rehearsals EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. There may be times your student is not called (this can even happen for a couple weeks) but because rehearsal schedules can change any given week, we ask that everyone in cast is open for ALL Tuesdays and Thursdays starting September 3rd, going through the end of rehearsals.

    In addition, all cast is also required to be 100% available at nights for tech week (the week of the shows, Monday-Saturday. Date TBD). Tech week takes place at Bob Jones at night (typically from around 4:30-8:30pm), allowing us to practice running the show with lights, mics, etc. Attendance is MANDATORY.

    On the audition packet, there will be place for you fill out any commitment issues your student might have- dance/sports practices, other school clubs such as math team, trips, etc.  These will be looked at and are taken into consideration for cast roles.

    Lastly, there are times we might require participation from some of our cast in promotion of Drama Club outside of school. Examples include district events such as board meetings, city events such as the Christmas Parade, and our big fundraiser of the year, our 2nd annual Pancake Breakfast.

    Attendance is taken very seriously in Drama Club, especially for cast roles. A student’s absence can result in the complete reschedule of a scene’s rehearsal.  If you have any questions about the time commitments of Drama Club, please email us at cesdramaclub@gmail.com


    CAST PARENT MEETING- Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 6:00pm in the CES Cafeteria

    This meeting is mandatory for all cast members. At this time, we will go over the following:

    • Rehearsal schedule
    • Rehearsal dismissal procedure
    • Costumes and costume fee
    • Pay Cast fees 
    • Discuss fundraising
    • Hand out Scripts
    • Discuss Volunteer Opportunities
    • Answer Questions


    CHORUS AUDITIONS: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 after school until 4:00pm

    These auditions are open to ALL STUDENTS who are either too young for cast or are not comfortable auditioning for a lead role. Students who audition for a chorus spot will sing with group and may be asked to participate in theater activities and games.  

    Chorus does not require the same time commitment as cast but we do ask that they are open all Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4pm. Rehearsals will not start until November 2019, maybe even December.  Rehearsals can be added or removed as needed for chorus as well. Like cast, attendance and behavior are strictly enforced.  

    Chorus auditions will be held on Tuesday, August 27th. They will start immediately after school and end at 4:00pm.  Emails and posts on social media will be made when Chorus audition sign-ups are open.