• Thursday, September 24th

    This is the newsletter for next week: September 28-October 2 Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter. Thank you!

    Daily Schedule: I added our Daily Schedule to our website. You can find it by viewing the Kindergarten Information page. 

    Library Books: The library book cart is coming to the Kindergarten hallway on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When you are finished reading your child's library book, please send it in their backpack on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday, and they'll be able to select a new book.

    Friendly Reminders:

    Please reply to my Community Helper email by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you! If you deleted the email, this is what your child needs you to do: Email me a picture of you at work, and write a sentence describing how your job helps others. Your child will be so proud to share about you next week. 

    Please check and empty your child's Daily Folder each afternoon or evening. Thank you!

    Message from our CES PTA:

    A creativity opportunity for all CES students to showcase their talents in the PTA Reflections Program. Please review this flyer about the various categories and entry rules for students to START their project.
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  • Thursday, September 17th

    Progress Reports - Our First Nine Week Progress Report is in backpacks today. All kindergarten students have a red Report of Learning Folder. The left side of the folder contains the Kindergarten Parent Guide (to be kept in folder) and the right side contains the progress report and a note. As we go throughout the school year, the collection on the right side will grow as I add each progress report and report card. Please sign the document on the last page, place it back in the Report of Learning folder, and send it back to school with your child on Friday or Monday.  I would like to encourage you to take pictures of your child's Progress Report to have for your records and utilize when working on skills at home.

    Tomorrow is the Boosterthon Fun Run. Thank you to all of the families that participated by making pledges or by getting pledges from family and friends. 

    This is the Newsletter for next week: September 21-25 Thank you for reading the newsletter each week.

    Exit Slips - Typically, at the end of each math lesson, I give the students a post-it note for them to stick on their math paper. Then, I ask them to do something that should be fairly simple for them to do if they understood what was taught during the lesson. An exit slip is a quick assessment, that lets me know who needs additional instruction on the day's lesson and who understood what was taught. Sometimes, you will notice that your child has multiple post-it notes on their math paper. This means that I gave them the directions again and asked them to give it another try. I hope this gives you some helpful insight into what is on your child's math paper. 

     Phonics Papers: When looking at your child's phonics paper today, you might notice that I wrote the lowercase letter next to your child's. If so, that means that I was showing them how to write it with correct formation and orientation to the line. It might be a good idea to let your child practice at home. 

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  • Tuesday, September 15

     Our first couple of days all together have gone very well. We have focused on getting to know each other, learning our rules and procedures, and learning the habits that will help us be leaders. We go over our rules every day so it helps us to continue to learn procedures and expectations and goals.  Today we read a book about learning to listen and we talked about what makes a good listener.  

    Forms - Please complete the forms that were shared in my email and in Mr. Hill's email from Sunday. Library book check-out will begin in the coming weeks, if you've completed the appropriate forms for your child. Thank you!

    Masks - Please send a mask that fits your child each day. I also ask that you have a bag in the backpack for the extra clean masks that you send each day and a bag to put the dirty masks. The key is to make sure your child knows where to put the dirty masks. Also, please encourage your child to leave their mask on unless we are having a mask break. Please also remind your child of the correct way to wear the mask- covering their mouth and their nose. Thank you!

    Boosterthon Update - Thanks for making pledges for our school. Our class has currently raised $33 per lap! Way to go! Any student who gets a pledge TONIGHT or has already received a pledge, may wear a hat to school tomorrow.

    Friendly Reminders:

    • Please check and empty your child's Daily Folder each day.
    • Please allow your child to practice opening items they are bringing for lunch and snack. Please send a snack daily. 



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  • September 13th, 2020 

    Here is this week's newsletter: September 14-18.  Thank you for taking the time to read it. I also want to encourage you to  help your child practice opening their lunch/snack items independently. If they can open items indepently, it will help us keep our 6 feet of distance that we are told to follow.

    This is our last week for Boosterthon.  Our class has currently raised $33 per lap! Wow! Thank you so much for supporting our school.  If your family hasn't made a donation yet, there is still time.

    I am looking forward to a great week at school!

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  • Here is the newsletter for this week: September 8-11. Please take a moment to read the newsletter. 

    Each morning, I will turn in a lunch count to the cafeteria. I will order a lunch for any student that does not bring a lunch box. When ordering lunches for my students, I will order the hot meal unless you write a note requesting soy butter for your child. 

    Friday, September 4th

    If you would like to refer back to the information shared during the K101 video without watching it again, you can click here to read the slides from the K101 presentation: K101 Slides

    Children with last names beginning A-K will come on Tuesday and Thursday. Children with last names beginning L-Z will come on Wednesday and Friday. On the days that your child is at home, they will complete the work provided in the packet. You do not need to take a picture of this work to submit on Schoology. 

    I look forward to seeing all of my students next week!! Each Kindergarten student is allowed to be walked into school by one parent. You will enter the door to the Kindergarten hallway. (When looking at the school it is on the left.) Parents may only stay for 5 minutes. Thank you!

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  • I am so excited to welcome your child to my classroom! I will see you at Packet Pickup and School Supply Drop Off on Thursday.  Come between 7:30-8:00 a.m. or 3:30-4:00 p.m. Please follow the directions on this note: Dropping Off School Supplies

    Please watch this very important video about coming to Kindergarten. This will inform you of our school's policies and procedures.  Kindergarten 101

    Please complete this Google Form about your child's afternoon transportation: Afternoon Transportation Google Form


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