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    Student Pick Up #2 Information

    Wednesday, August 5th

    We hope that this message finds you well! We have planned a 2nd time for parents to drop off school items (library books and textbooks) and pick up student belongings (items that were left in classrooms), yearbooks, artwork, class pictures and school supplies purchased through our PTA. We are prepared to collect and return items to you on Wednesday, August 5th from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you, but plan to make this as contactless as we possibly can for everyone’s safety.  
    **Please note that this is not a device drop-off. We will not be accepting district-issued Chromebooks or hot spots at this time. 
    Our teachers worked really hard packing up belongings in desks and cubbies that were left by our students due to COVID-19. When arriving on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 during your time frame, please follow these guidelines:
    1. We ask that parents arrive by car, with windows and doors remaining closed throughout the process unless you are directed to roll down your window to sign for a yearbook, if you ordered one.
    2. Please make a sign for your right-side windshield window with:
    Your child/children’s names, followed by their 2019-2020 homeroom teacher’s name in BIG, bold, dark lettering
    If you ordered a yearbook, please draw a star on your sign.
    3. Cars will form a single file line in our car line in the rear of the school.
    This will run similar to our normal car line.
    We will pull up to 10 cars at a time. Please wait to be signaled to pull up to receive student belongings (as our normal car line works.)
    4. The pickup stopping point for cars is the end of the sidewalk (where the first car would normally stop for the car line.)  There will be someone there to direct you to stop.
    5. When you are in the group of cars that are ready for item pick up, please put your car in park. When your car is in park, please open your trunk.  If your trunk does not automatically open from the inside of your car, then please use proper social distancing to step outside of your car. Then, please return to the driver’s seat.
    6. A Columbia employee will view the sign in your window, your child(ren)’s information will have already been communicated via walkie talkie to an employee within the building who will collect your child/ren’s belongings and deliver the bag/s of belongings to your trunk.
    7. If you have any Columbia library books and/or textbooks to return to the school, please have those ready to go, already in your trunk in a labeled bag (i.e., “Columbia Books”).
    8. A Columbia employee will put the bag/s of your child/ren’s belongings in your trunk, collect any properly marked bags of Columbia library and/or textbooks, and close your trunk.
    9. IF YOU ORDERED A YEARBOOK or a School Supply Kit from our PTA...A Columbia employee will come to the driver’s side window, show you the yearbook/supply kit being placed in your trunk and ask you to initial that you received it.  You will pull into the area and volunteers wearing masks will greet you at your vehicle (signs will be advertised with specific instructions as you pull in if this changes based on the number of volunteers we have available).  We ask that you please bring your own pen, as we will have disposable ones for you to sign with if you forget in an effort to avoid contact as much as possible.  Our volunteers will be wearing gloves to give you a yearbook in this exchange after you sign off that you have received a yearbook from us on this date. 
    10. Once your trunk is closed, please do not just automatically pull away. Please wait for a Columbia employee to direct you to exit. For those of you who are in our car line during the school year, this will not be anything new. This is for the safety of our employees and to avoid any collisions.

    If you are unable to pick up your child/ren’s belongings on Wednesday, August 5th, we cannot guarantee the items will be available going forward.
    There are several items in “lost and found.” Please understand that it will be impossible for our limited school staff/volunteers to search the lost and found for items. Items in lost and found will be kept until the beginning of the 20-21 school year. A plan will be developed for lost and found items at a later time.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this process.


    Jamie Hill, Principal 





    CES Teacher of the Year 

    Laura Hester


    CES Staff Member of the Year

    Pam Winkler